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Belle Gibson Might Be Going To Court

Belle Gibson, the Australian woman who claimed healthy eating cured her brain cancer, might be heading to court for lying about healthy eating curing her cancer.

Consumer Affairs Victoria says they are taking civil action against Belle in Federal Court. They “will be seeking financial penalties” and “injunctions to ensure that that conduct is not undertaken again”, on the grounds that “claims made by her round when she suffered the illness, her therapies in respect of that illness and what she did with her own alternative remedies are false and misleading and deceptive”.

Meanwhile, Penguin – the folks who published her Whole Pantry book – have announced they will no longer publish “any claims or statements about a person’s medical condition without them being substantiated in writing by a medical practitioner”.


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Run Gia Run Will Not Be Running

Gia, marathon running philanthropist mom, announced on Sunday that she would not be running the 2016 Boston Marathon because she made a little oopsie last year.

As I said before I was unable to run with my bib last year. However someone did run with that bib. I gave it to a friend…Based on an “anonymous tip” the BAA found out. They had photo proof that I wasn’t the runner who ran with my bib. This breaks their rules and disqualifies me from running in any further BAA races.

This evil snitch left poor Gia broken hearted since she had trained her “little postpartum heart out” preparing to run “THE race”. After attempting to be properly contrite for her “mistake” she went on to address the BAA directly.

To the Boston Marathon, I don’t know if I will ever be at peace with this…I will continue to strive for another qualification and maybe, just maybe you will forgive this mama for the mistake she made.

But it seems there was more to the story than just the “mistake” of a bib fib. Other runners claimed Gia used that bib time – the time run by her friend in the 2015 marathon – to qualify for this year’s race. Marathon Investigation alleged Gia “knowingly and intentionally applied for a bib using a time that was not her own”.

Today Gia posted an apology saying she “made a bad decision and I have been punished. I feel very sorry.”

My hope is that with this apology the hatred out there can stop.  Running is about camaraderie, I am so sorry for bringing negativity out of the community that I think is beautiful.  We all make mistakes, we are human.

Marathon Investigation responded by saying they “give credit to Gia…for owning up to both giving her bib away and registering for Boston 2016 using that runner’s time”.



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Runs For Cookies Will Help You Avoid Suicide

Katie, she runs, has posted an important message for those of you lost in suicidal feelings and depression. See, recently someone who Katie had never met took his own life. Katie decided she “wanted to write about it in the hopes that I can do my part”.

I have been very open about the fact that I battle depression…Each and every time I’ve felt that way, it eventually got better. Those dark moments don’t last forever, even though they feel like they will. I say this because if you’re going through something like that, now or in the future, just keep reminding yourself that IT WILL GET BETTER. One day, you won’t feel like that any more, and you’ll be so glad that you persevered through that very tough time.

So buck up and hang in there! It’ll get better if you just don’t kill yourself! What an impactful and effective post, I bet she just saved a million lives!


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KERF: “Matt And I Are Separating”

Kath Eats Real Food, recent guest of the White House, has confirmed months of speculation.

Matt and I are separating.

Some of you are probably shocked and others have suspected, as he hasn’t been as front and center on the blog as he once was. This wasn’t an overnight decision, but something that has been building, or rather unraveling, for over a year.

Her announcement post goes on to say the separation is “bittersweet and totally mutual”, and that they have simply “started traveling down separate paths”.


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KERF Knows How To Dress For The White House

Kath Younger, old money Southern belle, recently attended a Let’s Move event hosted at the White House. Knowing you should bring your sartorial A-game when meeting the FLOTUS, she chose a timeless look that represented all that is great about this capitalist society we call Murrica.

image credit: grocery store lady

image credit: grocery store lady

KERF rocked what appears to be a vintage Mary Kay sales leader jacket and top from their 2011 line. She paired the gorgeous belted jacket, which accentuated her ballerina waist perfectly, with a dark skirt and simple jewelry. Her hair was worn down in unfussy runner’s waves. All in all a triumphant fashion day for KERF, who continues to dress in a way that makes her look tall and lean.


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Eric Hites Claims Dr. Phil Show “flat out lied”

Eric Hites, the fat guy who is making his way across America on a bike at the speed of glacial displacement, will be able to see himself on the Dr. Phil show today. But it seems Eric is angry at the outcome of his big media appearance. He is claiming the Dr. Phil Show misrepresented what his episode would be about, and then manipulated him into making himself look bad.

They led me In to help me face my bullies, they flat out lied and then did edits and made me do things I normally wouldn’t do…Then made me buy my lunch at a gas station who had no health food.

It seems Dr. Phil confronted Eric and pals about why he’s spent an estimated $20k in donations to basically fiddle fart around the country accomplishing nothing real. Dr. Phil also apparently brought out some of Eric’s intarwebs critics so they could have some big confrontation scene, I guess. I don’t know the details of what went down, but if you listen to Eric tell it he was intentionally humiliated and #drphilisaliar etc.

Anyway, the episode airs today so get your popcorn gifs ready for when Dr. Phil viewers find Eric’s facebook page.


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KERF Knows How To Select Pictures For A Post

It’s so slow around the intarwebs the past week, so I thought we would play a game called “What the hell is going on  in this picture?”


It seems KERF had one of those boring Blue Apron sponsored dinners, complete with copious amounts of wine. Enough wine, apparently, to send her friends to the floor.

Hahahahaha!!! That’s Lauren’s arm but I don’t remember what she was doing. Probably trying not to disrupt the photo.

Er…ok? But why on earth would you include this in your post about a nice multi-family dinner? “Lulz look at my drunk friend on the floor” is less “lovely adult dinner with friends” and more “we had so much fun at this kegger party”. But hey, whatever gets Amber’s spray tan off the top post am I right?