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Katie Vyktoriah Victimized Yet Again

Katie Vyktoriah, the mom who claimed her son was assaulted at a Wal-Mart for wearing a pink headband, is back and more victimy than ever. This time the mistreatment magnet says Comcast chased her down by phone after she complained about their downtime via twitter.

Saying she “was HELLA confused because I can’t for the life of me figure out how they got my number”, she recounts a conversation verbatim (evidently from memory), in which a customer service representative was allegedly patronizing and sexist (“By your own admission, it worked when your husband did it last night. So he can probably get it to work again.”) to the point of forcing her to hang up on the pigdog man.

I hung up the phone, absolutely amazed at the conversation I just had. I genuinely was racking my brains trying to figure out who might be prank calling me because I could not for the life of me imagine a company calling me out of the blue just to insult me and make me feel like an idiot. But before I could really think too hard about it, the phone rang again.

She claims the customer service rep’s manager immediately called her back…and, she says, asked her to move away from her screaming children because he couldn’t hear her answers before explaining to her that since they weren’t using a Comcast modem, they couldn’t really help her. But the outrage does not end there.

I’m also rather confused as to how they 1) got my telephone number and 2) knew what account I was associated with. Our internet service is 100% in Mark’s name, and with his number. THEY called ME, I assume because of the tweet I sent, and then proceeded to insult me and demand more money. They were able to view our account details, despite me never giving them any information. As far as I’m aware, from my Twitter account the only thing they should have been able to see was my name and the city I’m in.

Brilliant Katie concludes this bizarre tl;dr attempt at inciting anti-corporate outrage (she even tagged the post ‘controversy’) by saying “And people wonder why Net Neutrality is such a big issue”. She then called Hulu a “cornographic Pool of Filth” and longed for Google Fiber.

There was no mention of threatening pizzas.


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World Prays As Dooce Continues To Recover From Texting Injury

In shocking health news, Dooce, ever bravely suffering, has revealed she’s been bravely suffering from a horrible, painful injury for months.

One Saturday afternoon in early August I texted so much and so furiously that I woke up the next morning with a shooting pain in my right thumb. I could barely move it and began texting with my index and middle fingers.

Telling a nurse she “texted too hard”, Dooce was able to bravely make it to a sports doctor who gave her a shot of prednisone and sent her home to bravely suffer and freak out on twitter.

It seems Dooce’s thumb requires more pain management, even after a second trip to the doctor for more shots. Saying she has “become fascinated by the human capacity to endure pain”, she went on to compare her hand x-ray to her mother’s cancer treatment before telling us she is “now exploring other doctors and options” to deal with her incapacitating situation.



SAY Media Selling Off XOJane

SAY Media, the company that paved the way for Jane Pratt to build her broken doll filled digital kingdom, is getting out of the publishing game.

Today, Say is reverting back to its technology roots: XoJane and the rest of its owned sites, including tech property ReadWrite and decorating go-to Remodelista, are up for sale.

Digiday says “Two of its best-known sites, XoJane and Fashionista, actually lost audience in the past year”, and claims the “marketplace wasn’t ready for what they were selling”.  This announcement comes shockingly soon after SAY Media’s release of a new CMS for publishers called Tempest, and claims of booming traffic on XOVain.

Is this the end of XOJane, or will Prattypoo find another investor? Does anyone really care?


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Documenting Delight Would Like To Keep That Car


Georgia, documenting snores, was recently allowed to use a Ford Territory for six weeks in return for a blog review. She enjoyed the vehicle so much she’s now begging Ford for the right to keep the car.

We would like to humbly implore you not to make us part with this vehicle…we really don’t want to return it.

She’s even asking readers to help her by having a giveaway “to bribe you all with to comment below saying that Ford should let us keep the car”  and asking them to ‘like’ her post.

See that like button down there? You should hit “like” if you reckon Ford should say yes, peer pressure yes, it’s a great idea!

Is this really an acceptable thing in blogland now? I mean, it sucks they don’t have a working vehicle of their own, but really? Blogging is really becoming quite the shameless swag grab.


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Hey Natalie Jean No Longer Likes The Post Office


Natalie Holbrook, they hydra of inconsistency, has sprouted yet another head. It seems Bratalie has decided to use  (or maybe partnered with, who can tell these days since no one follows disclosure rules on instagram anymore) some shipping service for her closet sale – and of course since she loves the service so much, she made one of her super mature emoticon digs at the Postal Service.

we’ll be mailing them your way with @teamshyp this time around, because as much as I love the post office… 😉

I assume this is part of her ‘tryin ta be real yo, hatin the post office’ crap in an effort to make her choice seem like an essential part of life. But weirdly she said this a mere six months ago:

i took my sweet time at the post office. you guys, it’s just that i really love the post office, i do. i like those automated machines. i like memorizing the order of the buttons to push and seeing how fast i can clear through the menu. no i would not like extra insurance! i don’t know, it scratches all my itches.

Now, nothing about this is truly outrage worthy. But it’s just another example of a blogger flip flopping on their opinions because of some service they are using. I mean, does anyone really believe these women will keep using that Blue Box service they were all pushing at the same time a month or so ago once it’s no longer free? Does anyone really believe some obscure mommy blogger makes enough to wear $400 rain coats if they aren’t sent to her for free?

Aren’t readers ever going to notice these bloggers will wear/do/say just about anything if they get something in return? And they wonder why their ‘influence’ is fading, and why readers now assume any recommended service or product is a shill. Maybe try and stay consistent with your opinions and people will question you less, bloggers.



BlogHer Founders Are Now Richer Than You’ll Ever Be

Hello hams! My laptop died a horrible flickering death this morning so this is going to just be a quick post viaa my phone. Most of you have probably heard that BlogHer was acquired by (or merging with, depending on the source) that SheKnows company. I’m already getting emails from people with news of staff layoffs which are supposed to continue through Christmas and similar discussion is happening in the BlogHer forum thread.

So hooray for the BlogHer founders, who can now probably buy a small island somewhere from the money they just made off the backs of a bunch of underpaid bloggers. I’d make more creative snarky remarks but I srsly cannot type on this friggin phone anymore. Discuss!


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Dooce Apparently Now A Single Parent


Nearly two years after announcing her impending divorce, Heather Armstrong, don’t call her a mommy blogger, is vaguegramming about her custody status. In a post Saturday she called herself a full-time single parent – making commenters ask “what about Jon?”

Obviously this began a long debate full of “shared custody is totally the same as being a full-time single parent” versus “no, not really” comments, and of course the required “why can’t we just support everyone rainbows unicorns love” remarks.

Most of us have been under the impression that she and Mr. Dooce had 50% shared custody. Is this instagram a hint that Jon is now just a minimal visitation dad? Then again, considering how much she has outsourced childcare in the past one has to wonder exactly what she thinks “full-time single parent” actually means.