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Becka Clark Wishes She Weren’t So Darn Wealthy

Kiki LaRue’s Becka Clark made a few wishes today.

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Kiki LaRue’s Becka Clark Will Design A Clothing Line

Becka, busy, has evidently taken a break from buying everything with a Gucci label in order to design her own ‘line’. Unfortunately Rebecca the Label is already being side-eyed as not that original.

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Ashlee Will Shame Your Business

Ashlee Rhodes, mother to an escape artist toddler, has posted a public shaming of the gym where she lost her child for a few minutes.

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Mr. Shaytards Caught Messaging Camgirl

AriaNina, self-described cam girl, has posted some pretty raunchy, possibly NSFW DMs allegedly from supposed family man and youtube “celebrity”  ShayCarl.

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Gala Darling Will Charge You Money For A Phone Call

Gala Darling, self-proclaimed “girl boss” but actually just a woo peddler, has found yet another way to make you pay for her woo.

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Barefoot Blonde Is Super Stressed Out

Barefoot Blonde, still waiting for her “custom home” to be built, is posting “From The Heart” about “Managing Stress”. In a post filled with professionally photographed thigh gaps and hair plugs Amber hand wrings about the struggles of the upper class.

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Shorty Award Nominees Announced

It’s time for the 9th Annual Shorty Awards, and Instagram and Snapchat thirsties who managed to get nominated are busy flooding their social media feeds with pleas to their fans to go vote for them. And just who are these “influencers“?

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