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Freckled Fox Hashtags Appropriately

Emily, innocent victim of internet meanies, has posted a gushing pic thanking her knee shooting husband for marrying her. And the hashtags are…uh wtf.

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Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Love Taza’s Uterus Hits The Blog Content Jackpot

Naomi Davis, the baby making cog that keeps the whole blog factory running, has announced she is expecting baby number 4…and 5.

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Paul Swenson Reportedly Died Of Drowning

The cause of death of Paul Swenson, husband of blogger Ashlee who went missing in July and was found two weeks later, has been released.

According to the Utah Office of the Medical Examiner Paul died of drowning, with “alcohol and THC in his system”. Investigators have said there were “no obvious signs of foul play”.


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Blogger Halloween Costumes Were Meh AF This Year

Blogland, that aspiration and inspiration filled place where creativity supposedly lives, failed to impress this Halloween.

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Freckled Fox Is Having A Ladycub

Emily Meyers, who just returned from her romantic Cruise to Zika-ville honeymoon, has announced the love bullet her Replacement Husband shot into her womb is a girl.

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Pregnant Freckled Fox Is Off On A Honeymoon Cruise

Emily Meyers Sometimes Also Carmack, pregnant, is evidently on a boat headed towards Zika virus central.

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Freckled Fox Will Sponsor Her Grief

Emily Meyers, widowed for 84 days, has shared a story of in-law gratitude that provides yet another soft-focus version of how she dealt with her first husband’s death. And of course it’s an #ad.

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