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Love Taza Moves Into New, Possibly Huge And Expensive Apartment

The Davis family, apparently raking it in, has finally found a new home – and sources say the rent could be as much as $8,900 a month.

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Mr. Love Taza Wants You Children To Rethink How You Spend That Money

The Davis family took to the streets of this little city of theirs to celebrate the July 4th holiday week. Taza totally not-on-purpose outfit twinned that LaTonya chick. The kids posed for the requisite over the top red white and blue pics. And no holiday would be complete without the perfect Davis kids outshining some other random kids.

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Alina Gonzalez Is Still Going Off On Instagram

Alina Gonzalez, JFC. She is still ranting about Emily Schuman and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

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Alina Gonzalez Spills On Cupcakes and Cashmere Split: “There were fruit flies”

Alina Gonzalez, the just like “family” former employee of Cupcakes and Cashmere, let loose yesterday on Instagram stories. In an hours long series of text filled posts she wine tossed like a Real Housewife on everything from the work environment to the character of her co-worker, saying “They deserve me talking about this. It was f**ked what happened.”

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Jenna Cole Will Tell You How Wealthy She Is

Jenna Cole, living affluently, has informed everyone she is rich and that her family never talks about how rich they are. She then proceeds to talk about how rich they are and cloaks her bragging in a bunch of check-your-priviege garble she read in the NYT.

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Glennon Doyle Would Run For President

Glennon Doyle, “gay for the purposes of activism”, claims in this month’s Elle she would run for POTUS if this country “needed” her to.

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Barefoot Blonde Quietly Leaves Hawaii

Amber Fillerup, recently moved to Hawaii, has now left Hawaii and moved to Arizona with zero fanfare.

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