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Emily Brill Can Tell You About Online Privacy

Remember when young ladies, at an appropriate age, would be launched into society via tasteful and civilized cotillion balls? Emily Brill changed all that. Now debs just start a blog and hope that Gawker picks it up.

Well, our little Emily learned the hard way that trying to be a fancy society lady by exposing your every banal thought and youtube video to the internets is not a good idea. She packed it in, keeps her shit to herself, and consequently has less grief in her life. She figured it out – if you want privacy and respect, the internet is not the place to get it.

So I think all  you young girls out there trying to be a fameball should heed Emily’s advice: take responsibility for your own privacy.

On privacy, Fcbk and organizations like Gawker are messengers, not culprits. How much you share in public (ie online) is up to you. about 4 hours ago from web

If you start a blog and a facebook and a tumblr and a twitter and formspring and a vimeo, and then complain when people start invading your privacy or picking apart your life, then you are stupid. You need to suck it up and admit that you wanted the attention – or get off my internets.