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And Suddenly Casey Culture Looks Hot

Casey, of the Casey Culture blog, has frequently been suggested as a GOMIBLOG subject. I check her blog from time to time hoping she will do something post-worthy. She never does. She’s just your average bland NYC blonde trying to seem worldly and interesting; sort of  “Oh, OK *eyeroll*” worthy, but not particularly offensive.

I checked in today to see this picture, evidently snapped at some wedding she attended. Now, I’m not saying she’s ugly at other times, just rather uninspiring. So may I just say whatever lighting, angle, and makeup she’s using in this image needs to be used every single time she poses for a photo. Because the girl looks good here.

Ok, you may now begin saying “Alice you are drunk*” or something.

* I’m not, for a change.


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Jordan Reid Still Looking At Houses

Jordan Reid, due to pop any second, is headed to the country to look at houses. She and Kenny have been looking at houses for some time, but I guess with little Henry Hudson Valley Tiara on the way within days they are really stepping up the hunt.

I’m just surprised she’s not worried about being so far from the city when she’s supposed to give birth any moment now. But hey, if they can afford to buy a house good for them. Her blog must be super lucrative.


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Jordan Reid Says Dogs Love Being Practice Babies

Jordan Reid, giving birth any second now, put her non-one eyed dog into a pair of pajamas for a reason I personally can’t figure out:

Oh, Come On…He Loves It
Everybody likes getting new clothes for fall.
(I think the tuft of chest hair is my favorite part.)

Yes, Virgil looks delighted to be put in “making dogs into people” costumes. Explain to me the purpose of that? She’s shitting out little Henry Shakes Forkburn any day now. Can’t she wait and put the coo-inducing outfits on her baby, like mother nature intended?

Whatever. I’m sure I’m the only person who doesn’t get why people put clothes on their pets.


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Cary Randolph Fuller Can Make Anything Sound Pretentious

Cary Randolph, related to important people, knows from international glamour. As a WASP she is a taste making expert on everything from how to name your child to how to dress for a European vacation; from bragging about your family tree to bragging about going to free promotional polo matches.

In between her weekend trips to Newport to stare longingly at yachts and rich white people, Cary likes to write overwrought semi-autobiographical posts in which she tries to make it sound like she grew up watching her parents throw formal dinners for the Astors.

Autumn 1997. Princess Diana had just died, and Sir Elton released this song as a B-side to his tribute called “Candle in the Wind 1997”. I remember listening to it in my bedroom and practicing the slow dance. My first glimpse of real international glamour.

This video does not dispute said glamour. Starring, among other muses, a young Kate Moss and younger Sophie Dahl, it speaks to a cocktail hour sexiness. Who is going home with whom? Men, ladies, ladies, men. The style is so ‘Nineties and yet timeless, and when I watch it, I am transported back to that moment: the fall of my thirteenth year, the first time I ever craved a martini, red lipstick, and a slingback heel.

There’s a bit at the 2:30 minute when two models-cum-party guests do what looks like an improvised choreographed dance move, and to this day—thirteen years later—when I hear the first chords of this song, whenever I walk into a room full of people dressed to the nines, that scene flashes before my eyes—all the skin and the piano and the clinking highball glasses, and I am a teenager again and also, somehow, ageless, and twirling and dancing.

This is a post about an Elton John song. She can’t just say she liked the song as a teenager and omgtotally forgot about it but here it is. She has to wrap it in some weird Algonquin cocktails and languid dilettantes fantasy to make herself sound like a classy dame.

Can she please just go plant herself in Newport or Maine and find herself an obscure Kennedy to marry already? Or just retire all this sad wannabe social posturing and try-too-hard writing? Surely all this posing is giving her a back ache by now.


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Tatiana Draws Strength From Her Handbag

Tatiana of Love Lies Lace plows forward with her “Weekly Gratitude”. This week Tati expresses thanks for her new Kate Spade purse (which she claims she needed due to back problems):

So I’m gonna be honest… this week sucked. I really tried but something would inevitably happen to just suck the happy out. Nevertheless I can’t deny that there were some silver linings in ever day. Like the fact that I noticed something fantastic about my new purse almost a week after owning it! It feels even better to carry it around with me now! We all need an extra dose of courage sometimes for those weeks that come at you like a wild lion!

This week she posted a movie review, a recipe for chopped up vegetables, an orange skirt outfit, and this weekly gratitude crap. How about a post about WHY your week was so rough? What came at you like a “lion”? Did a bow fall off your shoe? Because honestly if this is the worst thing that happened to you this week:

Thank you to Kevin for taking such great care of my whiney self. You see I haven’t mentioned it but I had a very unfortunate incident with a can of Heinz baked beans last weekend. It inflicted pain and some damage and Kevin was the perfect nurse.

You don’t need courage, you need some perspective.


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The Quirks Launch New Website

And so it begins. Soon to retire “style blogger” Jessica Schroeder Quirk has just announced “That’s Quirky!“, the blog to read for all your ugly rugs, terrible grammar, and who gives a crap what else.

There is so much to see I don’t even know where to start! Do I begin with “Our Yard” or maybe “Inspiration”??? How about “Our House” which is all about their house?

Anyway, I think this is great. It’s just more proof that Messica is growing less and less interested in jumping around in flapper outfits and getting closer to becoming the obscure mommy blogger she clearly longs to be. She’s already started random twitter campaigns @ing established mommy bloggers, and soon I’m sure we will see tweets like “hey @homedepot we could use some gift cards!”


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Emily Brill Can Tell You About Online Privacy

Remember when young ladies, at an appropriate age, would be launched into society via tasteful and civilized cotillion balls? Emily Brill changed all that. Now debs just start a blog and hope that Gawker picks it up.

Well, our little Emily learned the hard way that trying to be a fancy society lady by exposing your every banal thought and youtube video to the internets is not a good idea. She packed it in, keeps her shit to herself, and consequently has less grief in her life. She figured it out – if you want privacy and respect, the internet is not the place to get it.

So I think all  you young girls out there trying to be a fameball should heed Emily’s advice: take responsibility for your own privacy.

On privacy, Fcbk and organizations like Gawker are messengers, not culprits. How much you share in public (ie online) is up to you. about 4 hours ago from web

If you start a blog and a facebook and a tumblr and a twitter and formspring and a vimeo, and then complain when people start invading your privacy or picking apart your life, then you are stupid. You need to suck it up and admit that you wanted the attention – or get off my internets.