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Mr. Freckled Fox Continues To Have Tact

Richard Carmack, the replacement husband who brought greasy manbuns and bullets into the already tragic enough life of Freckled Fox, showed a supportive and sensitive face yesterday.

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Something Navy’s Baby Has Already Begun Her Instagram Hustle

Arielle Charmas, her hair is full of secrets, is already setting up her daughter for instagram fame.

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Cupcakes And Cashmere Will Elevate Office Drama

Emily, the shrug inducing girlboss behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, apparently lost an employee last week.

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Mandajuice Is Ready To Wax Your ‘Roids

Mandajuice, now remarried, has opened up a waxing salon – and she wants you to know “Your hemorrhoids are welcome here”.

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Sherry Petersik Will Create A New Instagram

If their magical podcast isn’t giving you your fill of Young House Love’s Sherry Beth, you can now follow her on her new instagram account.

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Cup Of Jo Will Vagueblog About Her “Struggles”

Joanna Goddard, the whitest most aspirational French-ish Brooklyn mom ever, wants to tell you about the “behind the scenes” realness problems she faces.

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Kiki LaRue’s Becka Clark Will Design A Clothing Line

Becka, busy, has evidently taken a break from buying everything with a Gucci label in order to design her own ‘line’. Unfortunately Rebecca the Label is already being side-eyed as not that original.

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