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Old Joy Announces Imminent Arrival Of New Content

As predicted for months, Old Joy has decided it’s time to freshen up her home (and instagram feed) with a newborn.

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Shay Will Laugh Over Your Casket

Shay Shull, of Mix and Match Mama, attended a visitation service for a young wife and mother who lost her battle to cancer. And she had a fantastic time!

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Dooce Community Being Dispersed

The Dooce Community, the all-but-dead henhouse where Dooce’s fanpoodles discuss what they had for lunch, is on its way out.

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Jessica Quirk’s Birth Story, Let Us Enjoy It Together

What I Wore finally squirked the Mini Messica she always wanted, and now that she’s “processed” it she would like to  sharebrag the “emotionally healing experience”.

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Barefoot Blonde Says The Reporter Didn’t Like Her

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 12.56.50 PM

Amber Clark, super relatable, took a moment out of her busy bikini filled day to comment on a profile piece about her in The Atlantic. The profile wasn’t really all that flattering, and Amber knows why – apparently the reporter wasn’t a fangirl.

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Dooce Thinks Your Protest March Is “Wildly Problematic”

Dooce, apparently more of an ally than you are, informed facebook that she would “not be attending the Women’s March on Washington”. It started out as some sort of stand against the lack of disability representation…and then somehow her comments turned into ranting about all the white women.

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Gardner Quad Squad Is The Latest Baby-On-Plane Drama Tale

Coming on the heels of Something Navy‘s airline-vs-baby media blitz is Ashley ‘Pantry Twizzlers’ Gardner, who went on Ellen and complained about how she was treated when she was trying to board her free flight.

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