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Bathroom Baby Saga Allegedly Continuing At Grandma’s

Tipsters reported that “That Wife”, mother of Bathroom Baby, had posted a pic of her kid’s future sleeping quarters during her college break. As you know, Jenna will be dropping her inconvenient offspring off with grandma while she goes back to college for the English degree that will make her career dreams possible.

Well supposedly Grandma placed the crib in the bathroom as well.

I can’t find the tweet and image and no one seems to have a screen shot, but I am assured it did in fact exist. It makes me wonder if Grandma’s being sarcastic about putting a baby in a bathroom, or if such sleeping arrangements really just run in the family?*

People also reveal ole Jenna was quite upset over all the negative blow back she got over her decision to take a break from Bathroom Baby. We got a few emails alerting us that the attention was so upsetting, she is continuing to feed the drama by posting a long-winded positive comment she received on her front page – take that haters!

*Evidently “That Wife” has a tumblr full of pics showing the baby always sleeps in some bathroom-turned-photo lab, so the info isn’t shocking. Sorry, I don’t follow this woman so wasn’t aware this isn’t interesting 🙂


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That Wife Is Going Back To College

Jenna Cole, infamous in the GOMIBLOG Forum as the mother of Bathroom Baby, has now announced that she will be dialing down the blogging while she returns to college:

My big secret?

I’m going back to BYU. Like physically going back to Provo and enrolling as a student again. I’m going to graduate!

In her comments, she explains that Bathroom Baby and her husband will be up in Washington while she lives off campus and attends college for six weeks.

I’ll live off-campus (housing is incredibly easy to find during the summer). TH will work for my dad up in Washington.

But…what about Bathroom Baby? Will she see him at all for 6 weeks?

Unless TH brings him down, I don’t think we will at all. 10 days was tough, 6 weeks will be harder, but I’d rather do this than figure out how to make the classes work online.

Not only is she taking time off from Bathroom Baby, she’s also reducing her blogging:

Until I finish my two online classes, I get two 15 minute increments of That Wife time per day.  This includes uploading photos, writing posts, responding to comments, time on the That Wife facebook page, and responding to emails that I label as That Wife related.  I love blogging, but I need it to take a backseat for a little bit while I work to get school out of the way.

Well at least while she’s off by herself in Provo she can eat all the cheese she wants, right?


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Jordan Reid Ready To Give Birth Right After One More Blog Post

Jordan Reid can finally stop reaching for new content: she’s on her way to the hospital to produce the little human guaranteed to provide easy blog fodder for months:

Off we go!
But before we hop in a taxi: I just want to say that the comments and emails – the words of advice and support – I’ve received from so many of you over these past few months have meant the world to me. I feel so ready and so excited to take this next step…and in part, that’s because taking this journey with all of you has helped me to find confidence in myself, and in my ability to become a mother.
Which it looks like I’m about to do. So from the bottom of my heart: thank you.
Wish us luck!
Lots of love,

Hopefully it’s the real thing and not a false alarm. We’d hate for her to go another week without a drink.