DaddyOFive Youtube Couple Charged With Neglect


Mike Martin and wife, the scream team behind the ‘DaddyOFive‘ youtube channel, have been charged with neglect.

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Two Of The DaddyOFive Children Returned To Biological Mother

Mike Martin, the DaddyOFive who claimed his channel was totes fake, has lost custody of two of his children after their biological mother accused him of child abuse.

In a video posted today by biological mother Rose, she states

Emma and Cody are with me. I have emergency custody. They’re doing good.

Evidently around the time ole Mike was making the morning show television rounds last Friday Rose and her lawyer were in court obtaining the emergency custody order. Her lawyer says the kids are “in a sort of deprogramming mode” and their mom adds the kids are “happy to be home” despite her son claiming that DaddyOFive told him that his mother   “threw him away like he was garbage and I just didn’t love him no more”.

Emergency custody is usually “temporary, pending further case review”.



DaddyOFive Will Take Down His Videos

Mike Martin, the DaddyOFive youtube ‘celebrity family’ dad, has taken down his videos claiming he is “trying to save my family”.

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DaddyOFive Will Verbally Abuse Children For Pageviews

Mike Martin and his wife have a youtube channel and are apparently ‘youtube famous‘ for ‘pranking’ their kids. Except in their world, ‘pranking’ means doing mean things – then screaming obscenities and threatening punishments.

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Internets Vlogging WTF

Mr. Shaytards Caught Messaging Camgirl

AriaNina, self-described cam girl, has posted some pretty raunchy, possibly NSFW DMs allegedly from supposed family man and youtube “celebrity”  ShayCarl.

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Mommy Blogging Vlogging

Gardner Quad Squad Is The Latest Baby-On-Plane Drama Tale

Coming on the heels of Something Navy‘s airline-vs-baby media blitz is Ashley ‘Pantry Twizzlers’ Gardner, who went on Ellen and complained about how she was treated when she was trying to board her free flight.

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Instagram Internets Slow News Day Snapchat Vlogging

Shorty Award Nominees Announced

It’s time for the 9th Annual Shorty Awards, and Instagram and Snapchat thirsties who managed to get nominated are busy flooding their social media feeds with pleas to their fans to go vote for them. And just who are these “influencers“?

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