Internets WTF

Avitable Admits Being A Dirtbag To Unsurprised World

Adam Heath, long whispered to be a dirtbag, has admitted to being a dirtbag.

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Instagram Internets WTF

Alina Gonzalez Thinks You Are Begging For A D In Your Mouth

Alina Gonzalez, has nipples, thinks all you folks who don’t like her probably just need to get a rooster in your cooster.

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Internets Twitter WTF

Anonymous Post Claims To Tell The “True And Real” Behind “Adorable” Twitter Romance

Zoe and her new husband Rob began tweeting constant updates about their relationship about two months after their first date. Why wait two months? Well according to a pretty wild wordpress post, it’s because he had to get a divorce from the wife he was allegedly stepping out on.

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Instagram WTF

Alina Will Tell You Why Alina Is Amazing


Alina Gonzalez, still thehyperbalist which is her personal instagram so why are you looking at it you trolls, is now literally watermelon ranting in Europe. And this time she’s here to explain why she’s awesome and you’re jealous.

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Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Love Taza Moves Into New, Possibly Huge And Expensive Apartment

The Davis family, apparently raking it in, has finally found a new home – and sources say the rent could be as much as $8,900 a month.

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Mommy Blogging WTF

Dooce Will Suddenly Open Up About Some Kind Of Violation While Discussing Your Engagement And Wedding

As you know dooce, lowercase, has returned to blogging. And to make sure you come give her the clickies she is willing to now accuse people of violating her in the most “humiliating way”.

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Instagram WTF

Alinagate Has Become An Exploding Watermelon We Can’t Look Away From


Alina Gonzalez, totally doing fine, has now been ranting for over a week. She went from righteously taking down the Cupcakes and Cashmere empire to trying to position herself as some kind of feminist crusader. This somehow turned into her spending the past few days apparently sitting in her bedroom not washing her hair and picking at her face until it bleeds – and telling anyone who expresses concern about her downward spiral that they are the ones who “need therapy”.

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