Boyfriends Hijacking Your Internets Becoming Latest Online Trend

Following in the footsteps of Healthy Alternative – whose blog was supposedly jacked by her boyfriend last weekIsaac allegedly joined in the latest way to communicate with the women in your life by hijacking ex-girlfriend Jessica’s facebook.

(click to enlarge – please note the text is very graphic)

At the time of this post, it appears Jessica has now deleted the post from her timeline, but sources say the text is still on Isaac’s.

Seriously what is with men these days thinking it’s ok to just take over someone’s blog or social media in order to shame women? When did this become the way to handle your relationship with your lady? Get a grip, men.



Entire World Is Shaming Overweight Woman

Haley, a photographer because since 2008 everyone is a photographer, is overweight. She has been using her weight as the basis of a photography series:

…I photograph myself in socially engaged spaces to examine how my body fits into society. I choose compositions within social sites: restaurants, stores, pools and other places of leisure. I attempt to juxtapose my place in the scene with issues that contribute to my weight gain.

Basically she takes pictures of herself posing like sad Vader, because that will obviously help her “determine” her “place in society”. Apparently that’s no longer enough for Haley, because it seems she’s found a new hook – posting pictures of people she claims are size judging her:

I have always been aware of people making faces, commenting and laughing at me about my size. I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces.

And who are these fat shaming jerks in her “Wait Watchers” series? Apparently…everyone in the vicinity of her body and camera. From people waiting at crosswalks to a woman trying to hustle a kid through NYC, it seems everyone is out to judge poor Haley just for existing.

Correct me if I’m just not seeing the size outrage, but she’s in New York City, setting up a tripod all over the place. People are going to look at you no matter what you weigh when you do that. I know when you feel insecure about something it can feel like the entire world is also focusing on it, but I can assure you – in NYC at least – 99% of the people are more concerned with their own crap and just want you to stop blocking foot traffic. Chill out, lady.



Potential New “Clap Sisters” Site Will Finally Give Bloggers Someone New To Sue

“Messy Dirty Hair”, yeah that sounds like someone aspirational, posted today about some top secret super scary blog to be launched April 13th. Evidently the future site owners sent around an email to various bloggers (including “Messy Dirty Hair”) attempting to solicit dirty laundry:

We’re Reagan and Kennedy. Just like you, we’re two bloggers with our own blogs full of roses, lilies and Jesus. We’re sick of it. We’re sick of the front everyone puts up, we’re sick of this so-called community which fails to hold anyone accountable or accept that maybe we are, in fact, just a bunch of women who want to gossip over a glass
of wine.

Enter the Clap Sisters. Be it over a cup of coffee, diet coke, or wine, we’re here to be your b****y friends who are always up for a good gossip session.

Telling bloggers “Let us emphasize something: We are one of you. If you’re getting this email, it means we have a pretty good relationship with you outside of the Clap Sisters. We’ve interacted, touched base, maybe even touched boobs”, the email promises:

We’ll talk about blogs, reality television, and even our own personal drama. But it won’t be like any other blog you’ve seen before. We aren’t holding back – not anymore.

It then goes on to provide a link for bloggers to submit dirt about fellow bloggers before assuring readers “Your secret is safe with us.”

Hm, a blog full of  hearsay and rumors about bloggers created by someone they supposedly may know in meatspace? Yeah I don’t see this turning into a libel suit and DMCA fiesta at all. At least this will give bloggers someone else to scream “CYBERBULLY!” at, because my gmail inbox is reaching its storage limit.


Mommy Blogging WTF

Mom-101’s Husband Will Publicly Post Stuff But Doesn’t Want You Telling His Future Ex-Wife

Nate, apparently the soon-to-be-ex of Mom-101, has recently been posting all the feels he is having about their breakup on his blog “The Farewell Transmissions“. Yes, a public blog. On the internet. In public. As the husband of a long-time, pretty popular blogger, it seems odd that Nate would post something like this:

Hey! Everyone reading my blog and then tattle-taleing to Liz about it…

Go yourselves.


Eat a dick.

Sincerely Yours,


You know…I would have more sympathy for his claim that he “never asked to be brought into the public forum of the mommy blogging world” if he didn’t have his own public blog chronicling how many times he cried the other day, or detailing his insights into what percentage of blame he feels he does or does not deserve during his break-up with a mommy blogger.

Has he never met a mommy blogger? Did he really think he could have a public blog on the internet with his name on it, talk about his break-up with one of their own, and they wouldn’t tell her all about it?



Amanda Is Pissed That You Slept With Her Husband

Meet Amanda. She’s angry at Trish. In fact she’s so angry that she’s created an entire website detailing how angry she is. Why is Amanda angry at Trish? Well according to her, Trish is a criminal who forced her husband to have an affair he didn’t want…for 5 years:

Her behavior DURING the affair constitutes, however loosely, blackmail, and more definitively, extortion and coercion.  She threatened, underhandedly but in no uncertain terms, that if he didn’t see her when in town (we live in California. A few times a year he went to Columbus, Ohio for business) she would make threats to tell me.  He would say, “I can’t.  I am very busy.” Her response, every time, “Well, I think it’s time we tell Amanda.”  So he would see her.

Claiming “it is quite uncommon for an adultery tale as vicious and disturbing as this one”, Amanda shares the cruelly taunting emails of her husband’s mistress, full of such horrible threats as “I am sorry”. She also makes it clear that she is much more attractive than Trish, because obviously that is super important in a contest of moral justice.

I can’t decide whether I hope this site is some kind of viral campaign attempt, or the beginning of the greatest internet trainwreck of the year.


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Adam & Eve Would Prefer You Not Disclose Their Sponsored Post

Alex, of the blog “Classy As F***”, recently posted about the weird disclosure ethics of sex toy company Adam & Eve. It seems they wanted to purchase a sponsored post from Alex – but once her post went up the company had some issues with her (legally required) disclosure:

[A]s it turns out, Adam & Eve aren’t so into having me disclose that it was a sponsored post. I was told (only after it was up) that I was only allowed to say it was a guest post or that it was done “in association with.” Basically, it sounds like they wanted to pass it off as a regular old guest post…

It appears Alex wasn’t the only blogger Adam & Eve tried to drag into their shady tactics. A GOMIBLOGer in the forum related their experience with the company, which sounds eerily similar:

They emailed me asking if they could write a guest post about their product, which was pretty relevant to my content and the types of things I write about. They said they’d offer me $100. I had never done anything like this but I figured sure, why the hell not. They wrote it, I published it, and at the bottom I included a note that said I was compensated in exchange for letting them publish the post. They said they needed me to remove that, and I explained that it was required through FTC guidelines (it is, right?) to be transparent about stuff like that. They were basically like “yea, ok, that’s cute and all but you have to take the post down now. We don’t want people to think we’re paying bloggers to publish content about our products. But we will still pay you if you just take it down.” So I got paid $100 to not publish a blog post by them.

Is this a common practice for sponsored posts now? Or is this just one company trying to get one past bloggers who may not know that if they are paid to post something, they MUST disclose it?



Idiot With Stolen iPad Starts Uploading Selfies

Allen Engstrom’s iPad was stolen recently. Apparently the thief isn’t aware of how internets works, because she’s taking selfies…which are being backed up and synced to his phone:

Allen seems to have a nice solution in mind:

I’m thinking of taking a picture of myself, letting her know her nice glamour shots are all over the internet and asking her to kindly refer to my name and email ETCHED ON THE BACK OF THE IPAD and contact me about giving it back.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Just a tip to electronics thieves – it’s a dumb idea to actually use the items you steal!