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Catherine Connors Will Announce A New Project Soon

Catherine Connors, the bad haircut formerly behind such awesome wtf piles as Babble, is evidently “launching a new venture and announcing a new partnership” soon. She’s even sending out recruitment calls.

Hey, friends in publishing and media – I’m looking for talent recommendations. I have a couple of editorial positions (junior and senior) to fill, ideally in Chicago or DC area but will consider very talented candidates located elsewhere. Need experience in magazine publishing for more senior position (ideally, children’s/family publications), but also ability to bring digital strategy to the table.

She added “Oh, and: it’s not Disney. Remind me to provide some sort of update on my professional life at some point”. Cat Who Needs A Hat then vaguegrammed about some amazing leap into the ether of the stars which are aligning as they do when destiny happens in your heart and your soul begins to ascend with believing in Crystal Light and then me…or something.

Last year I made some decisions that put me on a highwire – or a tightrope, or a trapeze, or a cliff face, or in any case somewhere really high up and really scary but also really exhilarating. Somewhere I could touch the clouds. A place from which I could make great leaps and – maybe – take flight. And it was terrifying and thrilling but usually mostly terrifying, and today – TODAY – I put my feet on the platform / grabbed the bar / reached the ledge and was able to take a deep breath and go AHA! I MADE IT. And feel the wind whistle in my ears, and look down and feel a little bit (a lot) of vertigo, and have that moment of HOLY sh*t WHAT DID I DO. And, of course, shout for joy. Because I decided to fly, and discovered that I have wings…

She also tagged Jenna Elfman, lest anyone forget she’s bffs with a former famous person, and ended with the “Sorry to be vague. More of the story to come” crap bloggers love so much.

So basically she’s no longer at Disney and probably starting some new thing with Jenna Elfman? Or what? And why is she still in the US? Did she get a new job? I can’t figure out why anyone would hire her after her WOMP WOMP Disney Interactive tenure, but I guess anything is possible when you can purple prose your way out of any corner. At least this means ole Cecily Kellogg might get writing work again, amirite?