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Cecily Finds Your Attempts To Stop Drunk Driving Very Inconvenient And Invasive

Cecily Kellogg, former addict slash drunk, and her ‘poet’ husband had to go through a sobriety checkpoint Friday evening. Rather than considering how many lives such checkpoints can save, Cecily posted the location on instagram (in case anyone wanted to avoid it) and then proceeded to complain on facebook about – prepare for a lulz attack – her privacy:


Her husband Charlie joined in the affray by also complaining about the horrible experience:

Charlie O’Hay
1 hr · Philadelphia, PA ·
Encountered a sobriety checkpoint on the way back from dinner. We had Tori and one of her friends along. After sitting in traffic, we were told to pull up to “Station One” where a grinning cop leaned in to smell Cecily’s breath while his partner (a shorter, meaner Curly Howard) peered in the passenger window, I assume to look for empty bottles. Needless to say, we passed, but but I’m glad the police don’t conduct proctology checkpoints. ‪#‎WTF‬ ‪#‎creepy‬ ‪#‎predatory‬ ‪#‎PoliceState‬

I just…I can’t. God forbid the O’Hats be kept from their tv and laptops just so Big Brother can try to prevent someone being killed by a drunk driver.