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Cecily Kellogg Continues To Use Your Artwork

CecilyK, renowned creative, posted a picture of her artistic talents yesterday.


Her fb pals immediately began splooshing themselves over her amazing work. Except it wasn’t her work. It was a copy of someone else’s work. Apparently the image was reported, forcing poor Cess to remove the image and issue a statement.

So I pulled a dick move last night. I shared a painting I did and several people liked it…and I was so happy with it I neglected a big truth: I am NOT the original artist…the image was reported (as it should have been) and I am absolutely furious at myself. I forget, sometimes, how big my following is and that by mimicking another artist’s work I’m being an asshole.

Yes, Cecily forgot she is super famous and that maybe some people in her audience might know she is passing other things off as her things. I mean, this is her excuse? How many times is she going to do this? Her reputation is going to hole in a ham basket with every new piece of filched art she posts.