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Cecily Needs Us All To Calm Down

Cecily Kellogg, activist from birth, “can’t go on like this”.

When she’s not single-handedly gentrifying Philadelphia because of her white skin, she spends time hand-wringing over the state of the entire world. How can she solve racism AND get angry about other things? Well, she can’t. She needs to “slow” her “roll”, guys.

I’ve got to step back, calm the f**k down, and practice some patience. And so do you — yes, YOU — the moderate democrat who knitted herself a pink beanie and went to her first protest. I’m super proud of you! Even though I chose to sit out the Women’s March for a few of the reasons outlined here, it’s awesome that you went.

And how can she solve the Cecily Activism Stress Crisis? Self-care, of course.

It’s also becoming more and more clear that I also need to practice extreme self care. This means not listening to news first thing in the morning, or while I’m working. This means not feeling guilty when I want to share a funny story on Facebook that’s trivial, or read a novel about vampires who solve crimes. And it especially means never, ever checking social media in bed.

But worry not – she will still be doing the “hard stuff” like “getting active in local organizations” and “explaining white privilege to white people”. Cecily would never let us down when there’s “SO much to do, and a constitution to defend”!