CecilyK Continues To Fight Racism From Her Couch

Cecily, still trying to be relevant, has once again shown her willingness to combat racism by writing about planning on doing something about racism maybe one day if she gets a chance probably.

As reports of racially based harassment have increased over the past week since the election of Trump — even here in my liberal bastion of urban Philadelphia— I have begun to think more critically about what I’ll do if I witness racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic harassment. Because standing aside isn’t an option.

Much like that time she wished she could throw herself in front of bullets for “brown boys”, Cecily self-righteously declares that “As a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual woman, I’m not likely to be a target of harassment. But I can put my white body between an asshole and the person they are trying to hurt.”

I’m assuming all this roosterchesting about activism will end the same way her trendjacking slacktivism always does – with smug self-backpatting and slurpees.

  1. Erza

    Good ol’ Swampy! I enjoyed hearing about her white savior fantasy. I guess, props to her for deciding to be a baseline decent human being should she ever witness any harassment. Rather than sitting around and waiting for that day, there are a lot of really easy, really simple things she could do that would make a genuine impact. She can do them all right from her couch, too! Call her legislators during commercial breaks. Send cards to mosques, synagogues, LGBT centers, etc that have been targets of harassment.There are tons of sites springing up online that have other, low-impact ideas like this to affect change. wall-of-us emails you four actions every week. There are numerous Google docs, articles, sites, floating around out there and they’re all designed for people who aren’t about to quit their jobs and leave their families to chain themselves to an iron fence somewhere.

    But then again, you don’t get internet ass pats for doing this stuff, so I’m not really looking for Cesspool to do any of this anytime soon. Glad to see that she’s stuck to her writing form and made everything seem more disgusting than it is. “I can put my white body between an asshole and the person they are trying to hurt” is vintage Cess.

    • boombalatty

      Sorry, she’s too busy vetting organizations to see whether they meet her person of color threshold, actually doing anything useful is probably asking too much.

  2. our carefully laid plans

    Um anyone following news from reputable sources has “witnessed” racism, xenophobia, sexism, etc every day. Why must it happen right in front of her to ‘count’?

    And the idea of her putting her white body into the equation is giving herself delusions of importance. It reinforces the message a white body is a fix all cure all. Let them trounce and stomp about on law and liberty, my white body will stop them. Ugh. So. Stupid. Feeding the beast she claims to dislike.