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CecilyK Is Proud Of Her Daughter’s Language

Cecily Kellog, owns a great sex bed, is the mother to a young daughter. That young daughter produced some artwork which Cecily promptly shared with the world. What is this magnificent work of art?

That’s right: “a really f**king tall weeping angel”. In case there’s any doubt, her little daughter also scrawled the words “real tall f**king weeping angel” across her drawing. When instagram followers asked her why she would be proud of her 7 year old using such salty language, ole Cecily replied “you don’t know me at all”.

So…is shore leave language now acceptable for kids under 10? I haven’t been in third grade for a while, so maybe nowdays it’s acceptable for kids to just run around saying f*ck. Someone clue me in on this, I’d hate to be the old fuddy duddy who finds such vulgarity in a child to be a real shame to their parents, not a moment of boast worthy pride.