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CecilyK Wants Trump To Notice Her

Cecily Kellogg, “social media manager”, posted one of her classic omg everyone please notice me shock-jock rants the other day over on that site where washed up/wannabe bloggers go to try and feel relevant.

Her fertility struggles worked out in the end because now she has her free-to-be-sexy pansexual tween daughter, but she trots out the 12 year old tale of her twins with a different spin at least once a year. Now she has repackaged her Did You Know I Lost Twin Babies Fifty Thousand Years Ago story to be SEO-friendly during this time of Cheeto Jesus. You can read her latest version here and I hope you like profanity because in typical ‘edgy’ Cecily style every other word is four letters long.

Anyhasbeens, Swamp Walrus got her wish – it seems picked up her post and decided to run some ‘Area Woman’ style filler interview with our favorite pink beast. After spewing in her post that Trump would not “listen to me…because I’m extremely low on your personal pussy grabbing scale being both old AND fat” she goes on to tell

“If [Trump] were to communicate with me, I would screen-shot the hell out of it” and share it on social media.

So…basically she’s just bitter that she’s too “old AND fat” for Trump to take any notice of her, but omg she really wants him to “communicate” with her so she can attention vampire some more? Ok then.

  1. Lady Mary's IUD

    “You guys Trump totally tweeted me!!!”

  2. Ja'Crispy

    Beliefs aside, what happened to Cecile was not a late term abortion so I’m not sure how her story applies at all? Just ANOTHER example of her making things about her (“brown boys”, pan sexual daughter) when it doesn’t fit at all and most definitely is not.

    • Guerilla in the Midst

      It’s as valid as her giant f**k YOU Trump banner (much brave, so edge). By now the smart money knows Trump has little to no chance of winning anyway, making Cecily’s profanely venomous and trite Trumpspew the same self-aggrandizing superfluous fish in a barrel LOOK AT MEEE bandwagoning she’s always trumpeted. Waste of time, waste of space: Moral of the Cecily story. She’s a virus. An old, flabby virus.

    • Curious

      How wasn’t it a late term abortion? They ended her preganancy, one baby was alive prior to the procedure…. please explain.

  3. Cabal of Harpies

    It’s really too bad that Cecily is Cecily, because her valid, honest story of the loss of the twins, is a powerful testament to having women’s reproductive rights being upheld. She has the ability to take a story that is truly horrible, that no woman would want, and instead of writing like a person that has a powerful story, she can only say f**k f**k f**k. She’s a terrible writer, and has subsequently proven that’s she a terrible person (unrelated to her termination of pregnancy). Any head pats she gets will only add fuel to her fire. It’s really been too quiet on the Cecily front, it’s not a surprise she’s back in the extremely limited limelight.

  4. Magically delicious

    She, herself killed those babies because of her poor, unhealthy lifestyle choices.

    • I visited Morocco at Epcot

      Holy shit, no.

      • Magically delicious

        If you remember her archives documenting her pregnancy, how her ob/gym told her REPEATEDLY to eat right because she was automatically pre-disposed to Pre-E, given her morbid obesity and she wrote; I paraphrase, that they didn’t know what they were talking about so she went out to get a colossal-sized serving of tater-tots and something like a bacon cheeseburger at the diner following her appointment and dumped a victorious amount of salt on everything. Who does THAT when your Dr. says to take it easy?!?!

        Not that it probably matters, but I used to be a part of the original “vagina posse,” circa 2005/2006 and had to deliver a pre-term baby girl who died. I KNOW this pain.

    • thisiskrister

      You actually have no evidence of that Magically delicious. There are plenty of women who eat perfectly well and go on to develop PreE, just as there are women who eat totally crap and don’t have any complications. Being pregnant with multiples is a far more likely reason she developed it.

      • Magically delicious

        I DO know this but thank for bringing that fact up.

  5. Magically delicious

    And on another note: Swamp Walrus, instead of THANKING celebrity Debra Messing her for her pro-choice support, makes it all about her. ME, ME, ME.

    If I published my story and ANYONE, let alone a famous actress brought it further into light on any platform, I would be humbled and in gratitude. So f**k, f**k, f**kity, her!

  6. Magically delicious

    Not that this should happen to anyone, but who remembers how she whined and lamented, and “cursed g-d” for giving her boys? The ole “vagina posse” was outraged at her callousness! Baruch-HaShem, show some gratefulness!!!!! For ONCE.

    Awww, she was “disappointed” but this is not something you say out loud-you talk to your spouse or a close friend. Oh wait: her spouse is a pathetic, un-gainfully employed lump whoe stole from his Alzheimer-inflicted mother. This does NOT negate her sons’ existence in-utero.

    She is a grossly reprehensible character who can barely take care of the child she has.


  7. Toothpaste

    Ugh. She doesn’t grasp there’s a difference between a “partial birth abortion” more properly called a d&x, and a premature delivery. So called “partial birth abortion” has been illegal in the USA for more than 10 years.

    Dear Cecily, d&x or partial birth abortion involves turning the fetus breech and then injecting them with poison before their head is delivered (because otherwise the fetus might have a chance to draw a breath before getting the needle in). In some cases the physician would have to use instruments to crush the child’s skull before evacuating the remains. Is that what happened to you?

    No. Even when it was legal few doctors would do it because it’s a f**king gruesome, monstrous thing, and there are better options (inducing labor). It is banned nationwide, except when the life (not the health) of a mother is at risk, under a law upheld repeatedly by the Supreme Court. It keeps getting brought up because people like the debate moderator Chris Wallace like to go for shocking stuff and a regular anti/pro choice debate isn’t emotional enough.

    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch


      The term “partial birth abortion” was invented by anti-choicers. You have completely misrepresented what IDX (intact dilation and extraction) is.

      IDX was used almost entirely for the tiny fraction of terminations of pregnancies (TOP) that result in foetal demise. Occasionally it was also used in cases where a baby had a condition that was not compatible with life or, even more rarely, when a woman’s life was in immediate danger.

      Obstetricians will, in the last scenario, try their damnedest to resolve situations like HELLP by surgically delivering a live baby. IDX was a last-resort procedure.

      IDX was typically a two-day procedure. The first stage involved widening the cervical os slowly (dilation) to prevent damage. The next day involved the removal of the intact foetus, and other products of conception (POC).

      IDX allowed women to see and hold much-wanted babies. It allowed them to spend some time with their child, take photos, get hand and footprints, or organise a funeral. It was a safe procedure, and had the benefit of not forcing women to labour for however long it took to deliver a dead baby.

      Then the anti-choicers stepped into the ring with their invented term “partial birth abortion”, and their vile, misogynist propaganda resulted in IDX being banned in the US.

      So, “Toothpaste”, do you know what that means? It means that foetal demise in late pregnancy can end in two ways now.

      1) Induction of labour, and waiting for as long as it takes for a devastated woman to deliver her dead child.

      2) Surgical removal of the contents of the uterus. This involves dilation of the cervical os, then the dismemberment of the foetus, in order to remove it. It’s a lengthier procedure than IDX, and considerably more dangerous, as it involves repeated insertions of sharp instruments and tongs. A curette is used to ensure that no POC remain in the uterus, as that can have grave consequences. The potential for uterine damage and complications in future pregnancies is higher than with IDX.

      With #1 the woman and her family have the choice of seeing and holding their baby, but obviously #2 renders that impossible.

      The ban on IDX in the US has caused increased pain and suffering to women who were already in shock, grieving, and often ill. The lie that was “partial birth abortion”, the implication that these late-term TOPs were performed on girls and women who got to the third trimester and then couldn’t be arsed with pregnancy any more because it was bikini season. The bullshit, woman-hating mob robbed women of spending a few precious minutes holding a baby they’d dreamed about, planned for, and who had tragically died without ever drawing breath.

      Go and watch ‘After Tiller’, see who’s getting late-term TOPs, listen to the gut-wrenching sobs of heartbroken parents who’ve suffered enough already, without the imposition of laws designed to make their trauma worse.

      I’ll post another comment with links after this.

      • Toothpaste

        Nope. You’re misinformed. Your wikipedia article describes exactly what I did.

        Late term abortions are still performed in this country – providers just make sure to cause and then document the fetal death, prior to delivering the remains. When an an intact fetus is desired for grieving or examination purposes, ultrasound guided injections are used. The dead fetus is then removed intact from the woman’s body. Whereas the previous technique allowed the limbs to be outside the woman, kicking around in the air. The only reason the federal ban passed muster at the Supreme Court was because it described, in detail, what procedure was being banned, and it didn’t ban all forms of late term intact abortion. And by the way, it’s still perfectly legal when the mother’s LIFE is at risk.

        But again, even prior to the ban virtually zero abortionists would do it that way because it’s f**king insane and not needed to terminate a pregnancy. Mainstream, 100% pro-choice abortion doctors. So congrats on the extremism.

        • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

          I’d like to refer you to the response given in the case of Pressdram vs Arkell (1971)

          Oh, and the reason not many doctors used the procedure has nothing to do with the reasons you claim, and everything to do with the fact that it was never widely taught. It was devised solely for the tiny percentage of TOPs that require intact removal for whatever reason.

          BTW – not American. The only dog I have in this fight is for women to have autonomy.

      • oops

        sorry, -accidental nope

        • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

          Don’t worry about it!

          I’d like to add that snipers who don’t want to read the links I posted should at least read the Jen Gunter post.

          Dr Gunter is an absolute treasure, she’s a beautiful writer, and she’s also suffered the late-term loss of two much-wanted babies.

          Anyone who fails to be moved by that piece is almost certainly some sort of replicant.

  8. Midwest Liberal Commoner

    All voices are valid, but Alyson Draper told her story MUCH better. She also had twins, one died and one was going to die. She ended up having to wait for an ethics committee to decide if she could “deliver early” and then ended up having a C section style abortion.

    • i love chili dogs

      > C section style abortion

      f**k, I didn’t know this was a thing. “Enjoy the recovery from major abdominal surgery, sorry you didn’t actually get to keep the baby!”

  9. Carefully Curated Collards

    Like the winds change so too Cess’s life story.
    (insert ‘SHUT UP’ gif here)

  10. Guerilla in the Midst

    I swore off the Swampy months ago. But while it’s admittedly nice to see her attention-seeking missile of a fabricated online identity sputtering around the Intarwebz, she’s an albatross around my neck. A fat, pink, four-eyed gurning albatross.

    My breaking point was the Swamp sexualizing her own prepubescent child. As with any social issue or headline of the day, Cecily whittles away at and pounds into place the puzzle pieces of life into an ugly, homespun, fraudulent persona that had zero to do with her, adding nothing, taking away, lining her nest with any negative piece of soul-sucking brick-a-brac she can find. The fitysomething equivalent of teengirl cutting. Pay it no mind, beyond dragging it here on occasion for the rich schadenfreude of uncomfortable gawking at.