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CecilyK Would Like You To Find Her A Place To Live

Eh, it's been 4 years, why fix the window now, right?

Cecily Kellogg, definitely moving because she just wants to and for no other reason, has put out the call to her fangirls to help her find a house. Saying they are “definitely planning to move at some point in the next six months or so”, she then provides a list of requirements:

We’re looking for rental properties (3 bedroom), and we’d prefer to live in the Clark Park/Cedar Park section of West Philly. However, we’re also considering Roxborough/East Falls/Germantown (we’d love Mt. Airy, but it’s mostly out of our price range), possibly Brewerytown/Fairmount/Francisville, and even Newbold/South Philly (that’s all in order of preference). What we’d love is a nice long term rental; it doesn’t have to be perfect and it can definitely be quirky. We have pets too. So, basically: if you hear of anything, will you let one of us know? We’re pretty flexible, and we definitely want to rent, but we’d love a long-term relationship (hubba hubba).  Anyway. Keep us in mind.

There’s no word on how the sale of her house is going – questions to that effect are pointedly ignored. But we’re sure it’s going just fine because Cecily is moving because she wants to, not because she has to. I guess it’s the stress from trying to bribe her daughter into accepting the move that renders her unable to contact realtors, search craigslist, or browse newspapers on her own to find a rental house. Because unless she’s basically asking her fangirls to provide her a property to live in I really don’t see what any of them could do that she couldn’t do herself.

I’m starting to think bloggers can’t do ANYTHING without crowdsourcing.