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CecilyK Would Take A Bullet For The Brown Boys


Cecily Kellogg, social activist from her couch, issued the statement the world’s media has been waiting for by weighing in on the death of an unarmed teenager in St. Louis.

In her brave stand against that thing that’s currently trending, Cecily stood up for something or other.

 I am a hot mess of seething rage, helplessness, and hopelessness about this issue. I think about all the brown boys I know – my neighbor, Tori’s friends at school, the children of my friends – and I want to hurl myself in front of the bullets yelling, “STOP!”

She showed her knowledge of race relations and profiling by reminding everyone that her daughter is safe and also white and telling the world “We must stop this”. She then pitched in to do her part by tweeting about how sad she was.