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Couples & Co. Reminds Women That They Have One Job

Couples & Co., a website that helps you have “a more blissful union”, is ready to take a stand against all you deceitful women who do anything to change your appearance. In this post they declare that women who attempt to alter their looks are committing ‘fraud’:

This woman frankly should not have been able to reproduce because she’s the carrier of genetic refuse. ..Beauty is not skin deep, it’s in your genes and if you think otherwise you’re the shallow one here.

Now, he’s not trying to be mean to you ugly ladies. He’s just looking out for the progeny he intends to produce:

For me as a man, I look at a woman’s body and her features to guage how healthy she is physically and if she would produce good children for me because frankly I’m shopping for a good mother for my children.  Sure, once I’ve ascertained that the woman in question is healthy and well-formed, then I’ll worry about her IQ and maternal temperament, but I make no apologies for selecting out the biologically weak women because this is my children’s future and a good parent cares about the future they give their children.

Because obviously the most important thing you can give to your children is…good looks. Sure, that’ll be all they need.

Look, it’s one thing to not be a huge champion of plastic surgery. But to say a woman is ‘genetic refuse’ because she decides to modify herself to better conform to the standards that most societies demand of them is a bit much. It’s stupid to say that you pretty much only value women for their looks, and then declare that women aren’t allowed to do anything to improve what they were born with in order to satisfy your gaze. If you want to limit your dating pool to the 283 women on the planet who are natural supermodels that’s your affair, but do you need to assign all other women to a lower genetic tier in the process?