“Crappy Pictures” Finds Your Repeated Requests Worthy Of Public Mockery

Amber, illustrated with crankyness, returned from vacation to find her email inbox packed with 668 emails.

Honestly, not too bad. I mean, it is sorta bad. But at least it isn’t over 1000 again.

Amber continues whining, while attempting to assure ua she isn’t whining, about all the emails from people asking her highness for things.

No big deal, nothing wrong with people asking for stuff.  I usually reply, but sometimes I don’t.

Fair enough, we all get email that we might ignore. Unfortunately one person continued to email several times wanting a response. Since there was a vacation auto-responder the continued emails were clearly the height of rudeness and demanded a public shaming on Amber’s site:

If you received an email reply that said anything other than the single word, “No” then I’m not talking about you. If you received an email reply that only said, “No” then I am talking about you. Please look up the word ‘annoying’ in a dictionary. And perhaps ‘vacation’ as well.

Well alrighty then. It must feel good to not only be dismissed with one word, but then see the blogger proceed to complain to their huge audience about what a nuisance you are. She just returned from vacation – surely she isn’t lacking material for a post, so why blow up something that is a daily, privately handled irritation for 99% of the world? Posts complaining about some email a blogger has to deal with always come off as divatastic to me, and I don’t understand why bloggers continue to post them.