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Cupcakes And Cashmere Knows How To Dress For Business

Emily Schuman, still trying to make corpse lips happen, just put up one of the most amazing fashion blogger style posts you will ever experience. She has just changed every “business lunch in West Hollywood” outfit game, people.

My favorite part of this outfit is also my favorite part of the shoes—the attention to detail—from the knotted leather on the heels, to the bell sleeves on the blouse, with some bold earrings thrown in for good luck.

As usual she completely misses the most amazing detail. THE HAIR! Like some demented Cindy Lou Who she bravely sports that ignored cousin of the shamepuff – the shamefountain! Trend alert, am I right?

  1. Lumbersexual Narwhal

    Does homegirl own an iron?

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  2. Right on Top of That Rose

    i couldn't get past the "corpse lips" link...does she do that to her eyebrows on purpose? why do they look like they're trying to burrow into the bridge of her nose? it's disturbing.

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    • I have no idea wtf is up with her brows, but she said somewhere she uses concealer as lipstick to get that 'nude' lip look and I will never ever understand WHY.

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      • Bread Baggage

        LOL. Lisa Eldridge (a pro whose makeup advice I always trust) said in one of her videos that she used to use concealer for a nude lip back in the 90s - but only because there were no other options! Now that every brand has a huge range of nude shades, using concealer just seems SO wrong.

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        • gotanygrapes

          I remember doing that! junior high.

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  3. Durly Durls

    This must be a joke, she's messing with us...right? RIGHT?!

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  4. Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

    That is what I call a "Wilma Flintstone-inspired hair" and I usually don when going to bed to avoid waking up with hair all over my face. Hmmmm...the trousers (are they really trousers? More like culottes/capris to me) seemed to be a trifle short to have heels like that. I'm not claiming to be a fashionista but yeah, the outfit would have been passable but the hair ruined the ensemble.
    Oh and a little colour into those puckers would also be helpful. Nude coloured lipsticks only look good for summer.

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    • The Crystallized Tears of Mrs. Butterworth

      "the outfit would have been passable but the hair and excessive amount of wrinkles ruined the ensemble.'


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  5. I Want a Donut So Bad

    What? I think it looks great on my 2 year old great-niece! I call it the "Pebbles" look.

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  6. Right on Top of That Rose


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    • Right on Top of That Rose

      ugh, sorry for the size...i tried. *shame*


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    • Right on Top of That Rose


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  7. prettyponies

    She's finally committed to the Grinch look!

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  8. Nancy Drew, Bitch

    the bun I put my hair in to sleep at night looks more professional.

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  9. The Bland Wife

    I like "bold earrings thrown in for good luck." Is wearing bold earrings enough to bring you good luck, or do you have to rub them, like rabbits' feet?

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  10. HamalaSmrt


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    • Det. Popcorn Covered in Butter

      Jemaine gives me all the feels in the happy areas.

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  11. Purple21

    I love the expression on her face and the pose... it reminds me of myself at 19 when I had my first office job and I'd be so pleased with myself for nailing the LA Law corporate look with a cheap skirt and a cross-over blouse. For my own dignity, I am very thankful there was no such thing as fashion blogging then or I would have been very tempted...

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  12. Geraldine Parsons-Smith

    That is some Britney Spears, barefoot in a gas station bathroom, white trash looking hair. What kind of business meeting is she going to where that sloppy do is appropriate?

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  13. CheeseWarden

    OMG who knew I was so fashionable??? Gah, I've been calling this "washing the 'ol face before bed." Ugh. All this time, I've been SO STUPID.


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