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Cupcakes And Cashmere Wants To Be Less Curated

Emily Schuman, the second most curated human in blogging, claims she is going to be more real because “this pressure to be “on” all the time” is “exhausting”.

Emily says when she “began blogging nearly a decade ago” social media wasn’t a “thing” so she chose to keep it professional.

I used to show a very selective, curated view into my life. It looked glossy and perhaps a bit too perfect—but my goal was simply to inspire others, not show the messy/ugly/real world stuff I dealt with like everyone else.

But now, she says, she feels “increasing pressure to share more and more” since social media is no longer the exclusive domain of the aspiration peddlers.

…in the last six months, there’s been a big shift. I don’t know whether it’s the current political climate or perhaps just the need to see things that are more “real.”…coming from a perfectionistic introvert (and yes, that combo is particularly problematic), it’s been the biggest hurdle I’ve faced to date.

She then elaborates on her stressful life, which is filled with doubts about what she should post on instagram.

I struggle with how to continue to show the inspiring content as well as the not-so-pretty stuff. I want to pull back the curtains a bit…but it’s scary and vulnerable. And is it weird to feel like it’s also off-brand?

She continues her Problems Most People Would Love To Have soul searching by saying it “feels isolating and insincere” not to post about “times when I have writer’s block, am in a rut, or am feeling down” and says “not allowing myself to be anything but perfect” on social media, which is part of her job, is “a lot of pressure”. She concludes by promising she will “continue to work up the courage to show the other side of me as well”, hoping to “break down the stigma” of internet perfection, even though this new direction is “terrifying” and “daunting“.

  1. Dooce Bigelow

    Does showing "the other side of me" mean the other side of her face?

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  2. mommy of two under five

    first world problems for sure...

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  3. Yesly Gathering to Celebrate Warball

    I'm confused about the bit about "breaking down the stigma" of internet perfection...
    I don't follow this person so maybe someone else can tell me what she means by that?

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