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Cupcakes And Cashmere Wants To Sell You More Of Her Elevated Stuff


Is Emily Schuman, elevating everything, now elevating your home with elevated bedding and decor? Her instagram certainly seems to be hinting that a Cupcakes and Cashmere home goods line is on the way.

Her bizarre fashion line allegedly sold like crazy (while simultaneously causing sizism controversy), so it’s obvious there’s a market for anything Cuppy peddles. Fangirls on instagram are already slobbering things like “omg I need this now this is such big news” and “if she’s doing a homewares line I will fly to LA” so clearly there are gals out there who want to home it up like Emily.

Here’s hoping it’s more than just another pile of navy, coral, and cream products being shoved out for the sake of having products to sell.

  1. wtf

    This stuff isn't my style and it doesn't seem like hers either...her bedroom is like all white

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  2. Apeeling Attire

    Nope, nope, nope, fan gurls. Evidence of water on Mars is big news. Elevated home goods that look just like the shit you can buy at Target are not.

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    • Screaming At ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

      Water on Mars is important but I swear if I see one more FB picture of a glass of water sitting on a Mars Bar Imma sick Deathwing on some people. >.<

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  3. Lazy von Asshole


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  4. Fancy Eleganza

    Shit you could buy at Target in 2003. Is 2003 retro now, is that what it is? There's not a single thing in that picture that I'd want if t were offered to me for free.

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  5. Cersei Lannister’s Stylish Pixie Cut

    i mean, good work if she's going for the "overpriced private rehab center in BFE" aesthetic

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  6. Flasè Dah

    Do those cushions come in a size DGAF?

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  7. donnarino

    She is the definition of basic.

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  8. ego-feed disguised as an olive branch

    I looked at the Nordie's link for the clothes. That striped minidress is seriously cute. I would have bought one, probably...if the sizes didn't end at 12-14. Here's a newsflash for you, C&C: chubbier chicks has disposable income, too, and guess what? We like to buy clothes and enjoy fashion as much as skinny broads do!
    (I had to include this gif because it is just mesmerizing.)


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    • ImOldGregg

      I watched that gif way too many times. Mesmerizing, it is. I want to be that person's friend now.

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  9. gofundmycat

    What makes hers so much more special than what I can buy at Target, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, or any other place that sells home goods? I guess it's like the YHL fans, they are going to buy it just because their OMG Blogging Bestie put their name on it.

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    • Virginal Carrot

      I can imagine some fangirl spending $$ on those sheets and cushions and gushing to their friends: "Guess where I got these! OMG COME ON JUST GUESS ;)"

      "Uh... Ikea?"

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  10. Callus Sofa Slug

    That stuff looks boring as hell! But I guess fangirls will buy anything, especially if it's as expensive as her stuff because then it feels extra speshul.
    I just looked at her clothing line. The only thing that looked nice to me were the fit and flare dresses, but even they were pretty simple looking. And who the f*** would pay $110 for a f***ing 100% POLYESTER dress!

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  11. The products appear to neither be made of cupcakes nor cashmere. False advertising.

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    • your mirror lied to you

      I love your username, BAWWBBM. And your comment, of course.

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  12. trains fat

    Her clothing line does not seem to be selling like hotcakes. The same old stuff is always on the rack at Nordstrom. It's front and center when you walk in, but it doesn't look like it's selling.

    I think the home line would do fine if it is sold at Target, but I don't think anyone will buy it if it's positioned at a higher-end store.

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  13. bless your little heart

    Where do you think her home line will be sold? I'm so curious as to how much she is making off these product lines. Anyone know any of that info?

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