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Cupcakes And Cashmere Will Elevate Office Drama

Emily, the shrug inducing girlboss behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, apparently lost an employee last week.

Folks started noticing that the woman formerly referred to as “family” and constantly thrust front and center as a huge part of the brand was suddenly just gone. Emily finally responded to a commenter asking what happened by saying the only thing an employer really CAN say in this situation.

Unfortunately we had to part ways with Alina, but we appreciate her contributions to our team and wish her well with future endeavors.

This of course resulted in a stampede to Alina’s instagram where fans of her work began licking the boots of the possible successor to lifestyle blahging. Finally Alina responded by saying the only thing a former employee really CAN say in this situation.

There’s no easy way to comment or thank you for the messages you’ve written because of the nature of the situation and remaining publicly professional…

And that’s about  it. Even though speculation is flying, in true Cuppy fashion even her work drama is very pink and elevated and uninteresting.