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DaddyOFive Couple Sentenced For Neglect

Mike Martin and his wife, the “DaddyOFive” youtubers who built a channel around screaming at their kids, have been handed five years of probation.

The biological mother regained custody of two of the children in May, and the youtube couple was charged with neglect shortly afterward in August. They have now been sentenced to “a five-year suspended sentence for each charge”.

Michael and Heather Martin of Ijamsville entered Alford pleas to two counts of child neglect each…In more than 300 now-deleted videos, the Martins were seen destroying an Xbox, and berating and cursing at two of their five children…Michael Martin is seen pushing his son Cody Martin into a bookcase, giving him a bloody nose and ordering one of his stepsons to slap his daughter, Emma Martin, in what he deemed a game.

An attorney for the couple has said they will now “be careful with children and social media”.

  1. LifeHappens

    A five year suspended sentence? So really that is no sentence at all. Sorry but that is disgusting just like them.

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    • The Crystallized Tears of Mrs. Butterworth

      Especially considering the response is not, "We'll work on being better parents" but rather, "We'll be more careful about giving people evidence of how we abuse our children."

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    • Kris

      They also may not contact those two kids or put those two on the internet again. I wonder about the other three? The lawyer said they can put the other three on the internet. I wonder if they still have custody of those kids?

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  2. Unflattering Schnoz in Wineglass

    Great and all that he's now a convicted criminal but for how many years did he blatently abuse his children on the internet for the world to see? Why did it take so long to make these assholes convicted criminals?

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  3. Authentic Family Journeyman

    What do you make of the attorney's quote? Is that a way of saying, Next time don't get caught?

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  4. No creative screen name :(

    So many things are f'd up about this whole situation, but what I find most infuriating about the justice in all this is that this is a "neglect" case instead of an abuse case. Screaming at your kids & putting it on the internet is verbal & psychological ABUSE, plain and simple and should warrant harsher penalties. Also this is a classic case of not sorry we committed the crime, sorry we got caught. Sociopaths.

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  5. Real Estate in Montana

    Ridiculous quest there. What happened after? Thanks!

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