DaddyOFive Will Verbally Abuse Children For Pageviews

Mike Martin and his wife have a youtube channel and are apparently ‘youtube famous‘ for ‘pranking’ their kids. Except in their world, ‘pranking’ means doing mean things – then screaming obscenities and threatening punishments.

In a video last week Mike’s Mama June knockoff wife decided to ‘prank’ her kids by dumping invisible ink all over the carpet and then blaming the kids. It’s nearly 7 minutes of the parents loudly berating their children while the boys sob with terror and deny causing the ink stains. In another they ‘prank’ one son by accusing him of stealing and then destroying his room to look for evidence, while repeatedly calling him “craping dumb” at their top of their lungs. They then screech at him to clean the room they trashed.

Of course no internet celebrity’s life would be complete without addressing the haters. In Saturday’s video Mike says

A lot people apparently don’t get it. A lot of people don’t see the humor in it.

At one point Mama Loon asks the boys “Was anybody traumatized?” by their prank, to which they answer “No…I mean…Well…”, looking down, and then rapidly attempting to be sarcastic – “Yes Mom! I was!” The video rambles on for 20 minutes trying way too hard to convince the world that this is a healthy family dynamic, with Daddy Mike concluding “It’s haters” while the kids yell “they’re just jealous!”