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Daisy Is Done Listening To You People

IT'S PART OF YOUR JOB, PRINCESS, the summit of what online magazines for women should be, has managed to produce another author tantrum. Daisy Barringer – the “sports gal” for the site – has announced in a totally mature twitter fashion that xojane commenters are like, dead to her.

Finished. They are insane and crazy and cruel and psychotic. I’m over it! 🙂

She goes on to say:

I feel like every comment under this post is going to be “no duh xojane hates their commenters, where have you been pp?” But I think that if you feel this way about your readers, it is in your best interests as a professional writer to not go around publicly calling them a bunch of lunatics whose feedback you must ignore from now on because the edges of your snowflake are melting. Maybe at that point it’s time to find a new career. I mean if you don’t care to hear what all readers think about your work, why keep writing?