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Dani Mathers Charged With Invasion Of Privacy

Dani Mathers, that Playboy Playmate who apparently takes pictures of women in locker rooms, has been “charged with one count of invasion of privacy” for her weird, entitled snapchat behavior back in July.

Mathers posted a series of snapchat videos of a woman, reportedly aged in her 70s, fully nude and taking a shower in the locker room while Mathers snickered and said “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”.


After massive backlash Mathers posted some apology snaps and later tweeted:

…I love empowering women and have dedicated my life to that.. I made a horrible mistake and am sorry

Mathers could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

  1. cheerful Starbucks cups

    “Mathers could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.”

    Good. Seriously, WTF is wrong with people????

    • Sucks to your Assmar

      If it was a man they would have added in sex offender charges. Although she didn’t use them in a sexual purpose the fact that she took photos of a woman who was naked and posted them on Snapchat is inexcusable.

      Also her excuse of I only meant to send it to a couple of my friends in no way shape or form makes it any better.

  2. Little Broom On The Prairie

    “I love empowering women and have dedicated my life to that …. if I see a woman naked, I will secretly take videos of her, and send them to everyone, so we can laugh and make fun of her.”

    There. Fixed that for ya, Dani. Fake apology is fake.

  3. amazing husband gorgeous house

    So happy she was charged. She may not get any actual time and $1000 is nothing, but at least the City Attorney took this seriously.

    Also curious what she has done to empower women. Not necessarily snarking on her career choice, but is that what she is referring to, or has she done other volunteering/work?

    • OlyB

      As a thin white woman who is rewarded for her appearance to the extent that it’s her livelihood, I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s empowering all people who look at her.

    • Purple21

      Ironically, Dani’s only connection with empowerment is the fact that she could choose to follow a career of nude modelling without being exploited into it or publicly shamed for it. She has the power to say Yes or No to certain poses, she could view her photographs and approve them before publication, and she was paid directly for her work.
      None of the dignities that she offered her victim.

  4. I really hate pink

    Wow….what if that was my mother or grandmother? What if that was her mother or grandmother??

    • Zookeeney

      Wow, what if that was a human being who doesn’t need to be related to you in order to be worthy of not exploiting?

      • amazing husband gorgeous house

        I agree. I’ve always wondered why people look at it that way. It’s horrible in and of its self, whether or not she is someone’s mother or grandmother or wife or whatever.

        • Tarty Plaid

          Off topic, but I totally read your name as “amazing husband gorgeous horse” and was all YES. 😉

      • LaverneandHurling

        Only mothers and grandmothers are worthy of our empathy and care. Duh.

      • astronaut mike dexter

        I wish I could THIS your comment a thousand times, Zookeeney.

  5. Sucks to your Assmar

    I think the attorney said it best:

    “Body shaming is humiliating, with often painful, long-term consequences,” Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a statement. “It mocks and stigmatizes its victims, tearing down self-respect and perpetuating the harmful idea that our unique physical appearances should be compared to air-brushed notions of ‘perfect.’

    • K1900

      After being grossed out by Dani’s actions, I sort of had the same reaction–there’s nothing wrong with this woman’s body. I’m not even talking about HAES standards. She looked… normal. No one is going to confuse her with a fitness model, and no (reasonable, sane) person is going to think she’s the largest person they’ve ever seen. She looks like 10000 other women at the gym. If that’s the worst Dani has seen, she needs to put down the airbrushed Playboys and get out a little more.

    • Apologetically Feministy

  6. Jay Bee

    How monumentally cruel and heartbreaking. The fine should be WAY more than $1000 and should go directly to the victim.

    • justkillingtime

      The victim can sue for damages. I hope she does.

    • snarkaceratops

      A higher fine and some form of registration as a sex offender. Plus a lifetime ban from any and all locker-room type areas. Plus community service and therapy.

      That’s the ruling that came down in a similar case my friend tried a few months back.

  7. bananapie

    I agree the fine should be more, but I’m glad this is being taken seriously. Too many people think you can post whatever you want without repercussions because it’s the Internet, which causes so many people to get hurt.

  8. SnarkyCat

    JFC what is wrong with people

  9. Jazz For Cats

    The fine may be small, it I have a feeling the criminal case will set up a civil suit, hopefully where the victim will be awarded $$$

    • Snarky Flouncefest

      I really really hope so. I just don’t feel like this woman has been made to pay properly yet and her vapid apology hasn’t helped matters either.

  10. Farting Absolutely

    Dani is disgusting. How unbelievably petty and invasive of her. And I don’t even care how nasty it is…she looks like shit in my opinion. Go on with your plastic self, you stupid b****.

  11. bitchy tits

    Suck shit. What an absolute waste of oxygen.

  12. Heather Chandler

    And the shit about it (I mean, it’s already shit) – this picture is in a gym locker room. She’s shaming the body of someone who just finished working out. So, so many people make the decision to get healthy and end up quitting the gym because it’s overwhelming and judgmental.

    f**k Dani Mathers right in her eye.

  13. KipDynamite

    This asshole. She SHOULD pay the fine, be jailed, and be made to register as a sexual offender.