Dawson Stone Will Reduce Women To Cost Per Lay

Dawson Stone, romantic, has devised a way to reduce women to their true worth – his “Cost Per Orgasm”.

I have diligently tracked my CPO for the last 4 months. It was $44.15, $20.82, $36.75 and $37.20. I recommend that every guy track it for at least a few months to see what sex is really costing you.

He then shames you “beta males” with mathematical proof that he is getting more bang for his buck.

Compare this to your average beta that is dating or has a girlfriend. Imagine a 30-something guy who takes his girlfriend out to one nice dinner once a week, one vacation a year (her portion), one weekend trip a year, plus her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, costs for 2-3 weddings (you are her date and likely pay even though it is her friend getting married) and he could EASILY spend more than $15,000 a year. And what value does he get for his money? He gets to have occasional, uneventful sex with ONE woman.

Stone says he “could do the same math for a married guy but I won’t bother since the numbers are ridiculous”, and chides men who “buy the cow for an obscene sum of money when they could easily have the milk inexpensively or even free”.

While he claims he doesn’t “have sex with a woman unless I like her and truly enjoy her company” he says his running tally of money output versus sex output “keeps me sharp and helps ensure that I don’t let any woman get me to do anything I don’t absolutely want to do”.

So, ladies – what’s your vagina worth? I hope you’re keeping track, because wouldn’t you hate to be too expensive to have sex with?