Did Meghan McCain Have Surgery?

Meghan McCain, the most influential political mind of our time after Mayor McCheese and Moby, apparently did something Bravo Bravo something Bravo something for New Year’s Eve:

getting ready for Bravo w/ my fellow fox blondes Jamie Colby & @MaureenMakeup and snaps extraordinaires @JeisohnFiala & Sean. Yea New Years!6:22 PM Dec 31st via web

Happy New Year! Thank you for having me Bravo – that clubhouse is quite the experience! Happy 2011 twitterfam! xoxox1:41 AM Jan 1st, 2011 via web

Happy New Year from the Bravo Clubhouse w/ @maureenmakeupand Jamie Colby! AM Jan 1st, 2011 via Yfrog

pic from last night at New Years! Happy 2011 at the bravo clubhouse! PM Jan 1st, 2011 via Yfrog

So…I’m going to guess she went to an event involving Bravo? I feel like I’m supposed to be impressed by these names she drops but I don’t have a clue who any of them are. And not to be a b****, but I don’t really want to know anyone who has to fancy up the spelling of “Jason”.

Anyway, I thought maybe she had lost weight or something because she really looks different here, but it seems it’s just the tightest dress ever known holding it all in:

Just did a final fitting in my new years dress, I can’t breathe in it – so it must be working.12:07 PM Dec 31st via web

Hey, whatever works. She looks pretty decent here. The sad part to me is that she is still cruising Getty images and posting pics of herself with various other nobodies to her twitter. Looks like her future sister-in-law taught her a few things about famewhoring.