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Dooce Can’t Unclench Her Hands, Thinks Parenting Is Super Hard

Dooce, dramatic, is dramatically informing the world via her blog that she is empty with lonliness since being forced to find childcare outside her home. After apologizing for not posting very much because she is super omgbusy with all these important projects and ‘meetings’, the wahmbulance pulls into the driveway:

[M]y cousin left and I had to find other childcare for my girls during the day. It changed suddenly, overnight. And now I don’t see them for days. Yes, when I travel I don’t see my kids for just as long, but I do not enjoy being in my house without my kids…I had friends tell me that I would love the free time I’d have on the days and nights they are with their father. But the opposite is true. Those days shred my heart to pieces.

What Dooce fails to mention is that for some of those heart wrenching childfree days, she is running around with her little friend Matt. As recently as 4 days ago he departed Salt Lake City after a week or so visit with Il Dooce. Last month it was days and days off at a lake where she clearly looks absolutely gutted. The month before that she was obviously wallowing in despair during another of their getaways. And the month before that. And the month before that.

Look, I get that she’s basically phoning it in at this point. But what I don’t understand is how she can post long whines about how she has the sads being all alone all day while her kids are in totally optional child care, when it doesn’t seem she spent much time with those kids during the day in the first place. I mean before this she had some cousin watching them. Before that it was some person in her basement or something. Before that she had a nanny for how long? So it’s not like she’s a lifelong stay at home mom and her last baby just started college. And it’s not like she’s some sad single mom with no one in her life but her kids – she has her Halfnose Hipstergrammer and evidently plenty of family around.

I just don’t understand the disconnect between what this woman posts on her blog and what is obvious from her other online presence. Pick a plot and stick with it already.