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Dooce Community Being Dispersed

The Dooce Community, the all-but-dead henhouse where Dooce’s fanpoodles discuss what they had for lunch, is on its way out.

According to the moderators the community is just too expensive to maintain.

A year or so ago we believed that the DoCo could and would be revamped, recoded, redone, refreshed…You might be wondering why that never happened, and why you never heard more about it. The short (and complete) answer, I believe, is the usual – Money…The DoCo coding is ancient and bulky and expensive, and the reduced number of active members no longer generates the revenue needed to keep it alive. Basically, we’re a money pit, and we have been for a while…

The solution is that “eventually, there’s no timeline – the DoCo in its current form will have to go”. Instead, Dooce has decided to herd her poodles over to an invite only group on

Another mod then adds “Heather is doing some redevelopment work on her site and hosting, and while there’s not a firm timeline yet, I think it’s fair to say that the community site’s days are numbered”. The response seems to range from “AMAZING” to what sounds like a room full of #changeisscary grandmothers who are trying to figure out those new fangled cellular telephone devices.

So I guess this means the 3 of you who lurk-read the DoCo once a year to find out what some random mom in Minnesota did over the weekend will soon be out of luck.

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