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Dooce Community Defends Sex Offender Then Bans Victim Of Abuse

The Dooce Community, or DoCo as the doocepoodles call it, is in an uproar after three days of drama surrounding the outing of a Level 3 Sex Offender as a member of their community. The outing led to several DoCo members defending “Slappy” saying it wasn’t a secret, she pled “no contest” so she’s not guilty, and dismissing any outrage by saying “What do you think a level-anything predator can do to you? If you don’t give that person access to your physical space, how on earth can they actually harm you?”

When a DoCo member who was a victim of molestation repeatedly expressed disgust at the community for defending the registered “violent offender”, she was promptly asked “don’t you have anything better to do?”

As members who disagreed with the consensus of “it doesn’t matter” became surrounded with jokes of “level 6 a**holes” needing “an a**load of lube”, the sexual abuse victim was “instructed to apologize for being offensive” after calling the “Slappy” person a “scumbag”. (“I’m sorry. there’s the apology. That’s as far as I am willing to go with that.”) Moments after her apology, her account was locked.

So this is the wonderful, “kind”, “respectful” community of, where registered sex offenders are welcome but victims of sexual abuse are told to “just migrate over to GOMIBLOG already”, and moderators tell you you’re acting like children and say it “really is retarded” how some people get offended by things. Welcome to what defines a “safe space” on the internet.