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Dooce Still Gushing Over Boyfriend, Internet Still Failing To Care

Today in slow news days Heather Armstrong, of the Hangin’ Tuff Armstrongs, visited the east coast over the weekend. After months of lame hints and instagram crushbarfing, she finally acknowledged on her blog that she took a “non-work related plane trip involving (you guessed it) this guy” – effectively putting to rest any remaining speculation that Matt Tuff is not her manpiece.

Apparently there is another noseride scheduled soon. On Tuff’s instagram, a picture of dooce is captioned “You’re amazing and I’m already counting down the days” to which dooce responded “I set the stopwatch on my phone. When it goes off it is set to play Rush.”

Meanwhile the ex-Mr. dooce continues to post “not a metaphor” pictures to his weirdly designed site, where it seems the virtual casserole bringers have disappeared from his comments. No word on whether he has entered a death cubicle yet, or whether the divorce has been finalized.