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Dooce Returns From Haiti With A New Perspective

Dooce, awareness raiser, has returned from her trip to Haiti. Did she post a long, moving piece detailing what she saw, how it changed her view of her own privilege, and discussing ways to help the mothers of Haiti? Did she mention the goals and programs of Every Mother Counts, the group that took her to the island? Did she provide ways to donate to the cause or talk about various ways her readers could help?

Of course not. Readers instead got a post sponsored by a cruise line about her desert vacation with Noseride back in October. In addition to a couple of pageview increasing photos of her boyfriend, she informed us that she can’t wait until her children are older so she can take them on trips, saying a “whole new world will open up, a world of foreign languages and warm beaches”. These bastions of foreign language include Florida, Boston, DC, San Francisco, London, Vancouver, and Palm Springs. Oh what exotic learning experiences await!

She did finally get around to posting something about Haiti today – a pretty picture of pretty children going to church. Dooce bravely attended, perhaps fortified by her de-stress essential oil, despite “the blinding heat, an incessant and punishing temperature that never subsided”.

We await a post that might have something meaningful about the experience that would possibly justify her being part of what was totally not poverty tourism trip.