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Dooce Thinks Your Protest March Is “Wildly Problematic”

Dooce, apparently more of an ally than you are, informed facebook that she would “not be attending the Women’s March on Washington”. It started out as some sort of stand against the lack of disability representation…and then somehow her comments turned into ranting about all the white women.

It’s not enough. These white organizers need to listen more. That’s the problem I have and have had since the beginning…They aren’t our enemies. But they need to listen. White women need to listen…

Someone finally pointed out to Heather that three of the organizers were, in fact, NOT “white women”, to which she replied she was “referring specifically to Bob Bland”. And in case you get the incorrect idea that you’re better at activism than Heather just because you made a sign and walked a street, she will take yet another opportunity to remind you that she does way more activism than you probably do.

what am I doing instead? On that specific day? Or in general? On that specific day I will continue to be a full-time single mother to two daughters, showing them what it looks like to work full-time while giving them the fullest childhood they can have. On a day-to-day basis, I call my representatives, call them again, call them yet again, and then I work for and donate my money and time to nonfprofits who are doing the hard work, who know how to do it far better than I do. I’m not sitting on my hands or on my voice.

Bow to the Valedictorian of Woke!

  1. Sweetie Darling

    Can we just stick a mortarboard and tassle on her head already, and let her valedictortate to her heart's content. JFC

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    • Sweetie Darling

      Oops - shoulda been a "?"

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    • Hammytime

      I have a dream--that one day--I will not need a mommyblogger's permission to care about something.

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  2. Tawnie

    She can take her mommy bloggers and go away anytime now.

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  3. Gives me the Shrivels

    she should call Cecily K. They can be uninformed keyboard crusaders together, b****ing about lack of POC involvement as if they are in that group.

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    • dishpit

      She's just mad that Jon and Liz went to DC. If they went, she couldn't possibly support it so she has to show that she is angrier, blacker and more disabled than everyone else. And also: didn't receive invitation to march with BFF Christy Turlington. If Cecily didn't march, well that's no surprise. Sofa time vs marching time?

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      • katwoman92


        So effing over Heather.

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  4. Comment Pending Approval

    Oh ffs, Heather.

    All the eye roll emojis.

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  5. Final Penultimate Elegant Baby Turtle

    She can be pissy with Cecily.

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    Wow, she's a single mother? I had no idea as she has kept that carefully under wraps since the divorce.

    This white woman needs to STFU.

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    • Dame Helen Chichester

      More this than I know how to give. You can count on Heather to be mad one day that people don't care as much as she does, and mad the next day that they care MORE than she does. Or, think they do, because of course they are SADLY MISTAKEN.

      "Valedictorian of woke".... CRYING.

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  7. BeginningsChang


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  8. deadcacti

    Like she hasn't participated in any white girl poverty tourism in the past. All the eye rolls to you, H.

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    • Little Butt

      All she is, is poverty tourism for the underprivileged. While she sits in a very comfortable home herself and has the LUXURY to pursue whatever diet/restricted eating keeps her skinny (but that skin, ooof).

      I seriously doubt she's robo-calling her representatives.

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  9. crispenclean

    That's too bad. We really missed her at the march.

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    • The Missus

      She can show her daughters every other day of the year what it is to be a single mom who provides for them and blah blah blah. This was a chance to show them how important it is to stand shoulder to shoulder with women and men all over the world in the single biggest protest ever. She blew it over some petty little miff.

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      • Kristie

        THIS. My friend and I are actually trying to get women to donate their images from the marches to create a book (donating all profits to Planned Parenthood, HRC, and The National Coalition of 100 Black Women) BECAUSE of what you're talking about. Standing shoulder to shoulder with men in women, peacefully. Something hopeful about the fact SO many were willing to show up for each other.

        If we keep showing up for each other, we aren't going to go back 50 years... We won't allow ourselves to. It's a good thing to remember, the fact we've now done this!

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        • Elle

          Can you post a link of how to donate images?? I have some from the Denver march.

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          • Kristie

            If you google "nasty women revolt" it will pop up the kickstarter (I am NOT trying to get people on here to donate). That page will explain the project in more detail

            The email address we created for people to send images is

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  10. I Love Your Skirt

    I noticed that her ex posted multiple pics from the march. I feel like this is somehow related? Definitely seems like she's defensive about her lack of participation.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      This about 100 million times. Because even if she participated in a march that was more geographically convenient, she wouldn't be at THE march and therefore he now wins.

      Can you imagine if they had taken Leta and Marlo to the march? Christ. She'd probably eat a carb out of sheer panic and despair.

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    • observer

      her ex is essentially a white woman!

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  11. Practicing open marriage on the train

    dooce is the Madonna of the blogosphere: has no idea how irrelevant she is.

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    • sequential shift refresh

      Lol - the only influential thing Dooce has ever done is to get a Maytag repair man to her house.

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      • VenusFlyTrap

        I had this same thought the other day. It really is time for both Dooce and Madonna to go the f*** away and stop being so desperate for attention.

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        • The Missus

          THANK you. Madonna was one of the few people we actually heard because we couldn't get close enough for most of them. WTF -- blowing up the White House? Sad!

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      • nwanda


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  12. nicki

    Who the heck reads the 'rules' about a march?? At our march in LA people brought signs for every cause imaginable, including Black Lives Matter.

    Get off your privileged butt, Heather, and do something, ANYthing, other than moan about your life and subtweet your ex's girlfriend.

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    • Catty O'Hoolican

      Waaiiiiiitttt, I want to hear about Doochey subtweeting her ex's gf. When did this happen?

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  13. artisanal twitter account

    Soo....did Dooce march in any Black Lives Matters marches? She has a lot of nerve atop of that high horse. Also, she is doing what so many desperate to be woke White women do and see some PoC having a particular opinion on something and acting like ALL PoC feel that way and getting a superior attitude. There were plenty of PoC organizing and marching. If you are going to shout "Listen to WoC" then you need to realize that we aren't a monolithic voice.

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    • Bad Wolf

      The Mayor of D.C. is a woman of color and gave a speech at the march, but I guess her opinion (Ms. Bowser's) doesn't get a say.

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    • Eli

      I was just going to ask this same thing! Nothing but a hypocrite martyr; stay predictable, dooce.

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