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Dooce Thinks Your Protest March Is “Wildly Problematic”

Dooce, apparently more of an ally than you are, informed facebook that she would “not be attending the Women’s March on Washington”. It started out as some sort of stand against the lack of disability representation…and then somehow her comments turned into ranting about all the white women.

It’s not enough. These white organizers need to listen more. That’s the problem I have and have had since the beginning…They aren’t our enemies. But they need to listen. White women need to listen…

Someone finally pointed out to Heather that three of the organizers were, in fact, NOT “white women”, to which she replied she was “referring specifically to Bob Bland”. And in case you get the incorrect idea that you’re better at activism than Heather just because you made a sign and walked a street, she will take yet another opportunity to remind you that she does way more activism than you probably do.

what am I doing instead? On that specific day? Or in general? On that specific day I will continue to be a full-time single mother to two daughters, showing them what it looks like to work full-time while giving them the fullest childhood they can have. On a day-to-day basis, I call my representatives, call them again, call them yet again, and then I work for and donate my money and time to nonfprofits who are doing the hard work, who know how to do it far better than I do. I’m not sitting on my hands or on my voice.

Bow to the Valedictorian of Woke!