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Dooce Thinks Your Protest March Is “Wildly Problematic”

Dooce, apparently more of an ally than you are, informed facebook that she would “not be attending the Women’s March on Washington”. It started out as some sort of stand against the lack of disability representation…and then somehow her comments turned into ranting about all the white women.

It’s not enough. These white organizers need to listen more. That’s the problem I have and have had since the beginning…They aren’t our enemies. But they need to listen. White women need to listen…

Someone finally pointed out to Heather that three of the organizers were, in fact, NOT “white women”, to which she replied she was “referring specifically to Bob Bland”. And in case you get the incorrect idea that you’re better at activism than Heather just because you made a sign and walked a street, she will take yet another opportunity to remind you that she does way more activism than you probably do.

what am I doing instead? On that specific day? Or in general? On that specific day I will continue to be a full-time single mother to two daughters, showing them what it looks like to work full-time while giving them the fullest childhood they can have. On a day-to-day basis, I call my representatives, call them again, call them yet again, and then I work for and donate my money and time to nonfprofits who are doing the hard work, who know how to do it far better than I do. I’m not sitting on my hands or on my voice.

Bow to the Valedictorian of Woke!

  1. lonewolf

    I criticized Naomi for saying nothing, but Heather is the other side of the coin.
    I guess you can't win and that's the price you have to pay for voluntarily opening your private life to the public.

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  2. Get the iodine

    Cool, Dooce, cool. I mean, Salt Lake's march is today to coincide with the opening of the legislature while your girls are at school. I get it, I'm not going - I can't get away from work today and I know you have a demanding and inflexible job... And I mean, they specifically say they are for "rights of all Utah women and girls, including Utah’s marginalized groups, women of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, women of all abilities and from every financial status" and to please message them for any mobility and accessibility accommodations. But you show them, you rebel, you.

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    • Get the iodine

      Oh, and the message is retranslated on the Facebook page in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Samoan, Somali, Russian, German, and Tongan, and a link to an ASL video by the woman who will be signing at the rally, but yeah, nobody is even trying for intersectionality. Problematic! Better do nothing instead.

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  3. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    Yes, I'm sure this white girl born and bred in Whiteyville, where she has lived ever since, is totally woke when it comes to PoC. Oh wait! She went to Haiti one time and stayed in a super nice hotel and took pictures of the Brown folks so she could put them on her blog. Never mind, she's got her finger on the pulse of what happens outside her white bubble.

    How many nonwhite people are there in Utah? Six? You go, sistah!

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    • Get the iodine

      Utah has a growing non-white population and Salt Lake is a quasi-sanctuary city. Our governor, who is overall pretty douchey, broke from douchiness last year to announce Utah will absolutely not close to refugees. Don't get me wrong, it is still very, very white, but it also doesn't help if you never come down out of Federal Heights.

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  4. Heather Chandler


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  5. KipDynamite

    Am I missing something here or is she not white?

    It's one thing to be woke, it's a whole other to pretend that you are a POC.

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  6. Googlemethis

    She's always so cutting edge. Not protesting is the new protesting. There's a certain Rachel Dolezalness about this whole bullshit. Listen to "her community"? Middle-aged white women from Utah? Mommy bloggers? Divorced women? Single white mothers of privilege?

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  7. Thank the lord this armchair activist set me straight. I've been trying to shield the fact that I work from my child while giving him the worst childhood possible. I've never donated or volunteered for a non profit organization. I thought I could just show up on Saturday, wave a cute sign and get headpats for participation. Now I've truly seen the light.

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  8. birthing like a pilgrim

    OMG f*ck her.

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  9. Lesswokethandooce

    First time commenter..hi! I've repeatedly commented on Dooce's holier-than-now posts and every time I'm talked down to by her supporters and/or my comments are deleted. And I'm not white! The irony of it all is baffling. Thanks, Heather and white women supporting Heather--I'll take my brown ass to the corner now and reconsider my privilege!?????

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    • LaverneandHurling

      Your perspective is nice and all, but please refer to the closest white woman for validation. Thankssssss!

      (totally joking and mocking dooche in case that wasn't obvious. good on you for calling her dumb ass out!)

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  10. Saffron

    The photos and videos I saw of non-Muslim women (and some men) putting on (American flag) hijabs was disturbing to me. As was the fact that the march organizer is a Muslim woman who promotes Sharia law. I don't understand feminism anymore, I guess.

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    • birthing like a pilgrim

      Wasn't that debunked? (That the organizer promotes Sharia Law).

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      • Saffron

        She has written in defense of Sharia Law.

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        • Alice

          So? This is about Heather's fuming and spitting about how all "white women" organized the march and why she refused to attend. Linda's personal beliefs was not one of her arguments. If anything, Linda having opinions that are the furthest thing from a white western superlib should show how diverse the event was.

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        • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

          We already have the equivalent of sharia law in this country. It's called Christianity, maybe you've heard of it?

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    • TheatricalAlly

      This is false: there is no evidence that the organizer supports Sharia Law — this is a rumor started by right-wing fake news sites. What she did do is successfully campaign for New York City public schools to give kids the day of on major Muslim holidays, which makes sense — just as schools are closed on Christmas, Good Friday and the Jewish High Holidays. I urge you to get your news from reputable news organizations.

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  11. oh, you

    This woman has now spent more time yelling at a washing machine company and offering to hold hands with Alice over coffee than actually fighting for non-white, non-rich, non-Internet famous women.

    She's like the Doge of Mommybloggers: "Much ally, so woke".

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  12. The ONLY reason she wasn't marching at DC was no one paid her way.

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  13. snarchimedes

    Remind me, is dooce the one who once posted about citrus scented butt wipes being a travel essential?

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    • Jan74

      Vitamin C infused, not just citrus scented. Do you think she wipes her ass without vitamins, like a common peon?

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