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Dooce Thinks Your Protest March Is “Wildly Problematic”

Dooce, apparently more of an ally than you are, informed facebook that she would “not be attending the Women’s March on Washington”. It started out as some sort of stand against the lack of disability representation…and then somehow her comments turned into ranting about all the white women.

It’s not enough. These white organizers need to listen more. That’s the problem I have and have had since the beginning…They aren’t our enemies. But they need to listen. White women need to listen…

Someone finally pointed out to Heather that three of the organizers were, in fact, NOT “white women”, to which she replied she was “referring specifically to Bob Bland”. And in case you get the incorrect idea that you’re better at activism than Heather just because you made a sign and walked a street, she will take yet another opportunity to remind you that she does way more activism than you probably do.

what am I doing instead? On that specific day? Or in general? On that specific day I will continue to be a full-time single mother to two daughters, showing them what it looks like to work full-time while giving them the fullest childhood they can have. On a day-to-day basis, I call my representatives, call them again, call them yet again, and then I work for and donate my money and time to nonfprofits who are doing the hard work, who know how to do it far better than I do. I’m not sitting on my hands or on my voice.

Bow to the Valedictorian of Woke!

  1. wolf in sheeples clothing

    It takes some work to go lower than Shauna Ahern (Gluten Free Girl) when it comes to activism, but I think we might be able to declare Dooce the valedictorian of wriggling under the lowest bar ever (Although it was a close call, sadly Cecily got wedged under the bar and is now lying facedown, resting from the effort of moving)

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    • sadiesue

      And now Shauna is having a twitter beef with her about activsm.

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  2. MrHooper

    1. In Chicago the majority of the speakers were POC.
    2. The #1 rule of organizing and recruitment for any cause is get the people there, get them excited, then start educating them. You can't shit all over people who want to show up.
    3. It's possible to have this conversation without being a sanctimonious ass but apparently that is her default setting.

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    • goopy

      I'm white, have never marched before and I struggled with the criticisms of the march and if I should go (to DC) and I'm SO glad I did. The sheer number of issues and people being attacked by this new administration is staggering.

      Alicia Garza from BLM wrote an article that I really appreciated on this topic.

      Dooce isn't wrong by saying WW need to listen more, but I disagree that staying home and therefore not showing up, adding your body to the count and listening to POC (as most of the speakers in DC were - despite the media focusing on Madonna and Ashley Judd) describe their concerns equates listening.

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  3. Ghost of Chickens Past

    Um, Heather? I hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure Every Mother Counts is mostly white women too. Not snarking on their mission at all, because I think it's valuable, but it is what it is. I'm not saying that the women's movement doesn't have more work to do in becoming inclusive, but we have to start somewhere. Let's not dismiss the activism of 3 million people just because you didn't get the attention you were looking for.

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    • dishpit

      It is ALL white women. Nothing but white women if you look at their "About Us" page. Except that Heather is now a black woman, so there's that.

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    I like that part of her "doing my part" is being a working single mother to her girls. My mom was a working single mother of me and my siblings but she wasn't doing that for feminism ffs.

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    • Apologetically Feministy

      Yeah, I also thought that was freaking funny. So, acting like a responsible adult means that you’re a feminist and that you are an indirect activist. Oooookay…

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  5. brussels sports

    I'm new to this indignantly righteous twat, but from the skimming I've done of her blog, she seems like the most irritating person on the internet, hands down. Congrats, you're a single mom like a billion others and you find fault in any well-intentioned progress people are trying to make. So sick of this shit.

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  6. Dr. Mindy Lahiri

    Today, on this episode of Ally Theater, Dooce plays herself in "Woker than Thou."

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  7. dora_lora

    This is infuriating. I was in D.C. on Saturday and there were women (and men) of color, disabled people, older folk -- everyone coming together in solidarity, but often with their own issues. It was awesome and inspiring and not for a second "wildly problematic." We absolutely need to come together right now. This is unconscionable behavior. I mean, don't go if you don't want to/can't go, but to use your pulpit to criticize?!?

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    • amb297

      yeah pretty sure it was also the largest single gathering of people with disabilities, or at least expected to be.

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  8. TheatricalAlly

    oh man, I have never commented but this is just too annoying

    1. the majority of organizers and speakers at the DC march were WOC. As a white woman from a middle class background I am so grateful that they created a space in which many people from different backgrounds could interact, be heard, and listen..
    2. it was also one of the largest gatherings of people with disabilities in history — estimated at 45,000. Were provisions perfect to accommodate everyone's specific needs? Probably not — it was a huge event that was difficult to manage —  but I saw many people doing what they could to help other people, from making space to sharing provisions and offering physical support to help people pass through the crowds.
    3. intersectionality is an aspect of feminism that we all have to learn more about, but putting down people for trying to learn from other folks by going out in the world and marching with them isn't going to help make that happen.
    4. being a feminist at home for your daughters is great. But sometimes you also have to leave your house and act on your beliefs for people you will never meet.

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      Her constant state of indignant shock over being a single mom after she asked her husband for a divorce is on my last goddamn nerve.

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      She is also a major douche for assuming that you can spot a disability on sight. We don't all use DME ffs.

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      • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

        I had to google DME. Learned something!

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  9. Trashosaurus

    She's white and able-bodied. She needs to shut the f*** up and take a very large seat before whining about intersectionality. She doesn't know anything about the minority existence, or the disabled existence. She isn't winning any points from me.

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      I get the need for allies ... but it's up to us not to overstep and act like we "get" things we just simply don't. I feel like dooce doesn't get this distinction a lot of the time. Knowing people who are different than you doesn't mean you automatically "get it".

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        Right. Exactly.

        You do not get to declare yourself an ally. Especially when you won't show up for women'a rights because it's not inclusive enough for the white lady.

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  10. JustBathingWeekly

    I may get flogged for this, but I remember once upon a time I actually enjoyed her blog. I thought it was funny, and real, and well written- what the F happened? Was it the divorce? Or that Jon had the audacity to move on? Or when she "retired" from being a mommy blogger? Or is it because now she's a vegan and POC wanna be? Whatever it is, there is nothing she writes nowadays that doesn't make me want to just slap her in her white lady face.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      I don't think anyone will flog you for admitting you enjoyed her at one point. I think a lot of us did and that's why there's so much eye rolling over who she has become. There's a reason she became popular. She could be entertaining at times. I think for me once she hired an assistant and bought the ridiculous mansion it was like, "WTF?" Then definitely during her EMC and poverty tourism and all the talk about NO MINUTES to do anything she hit a wall.

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  11. Hamilbread

    "I'm not sitting in my hands or my voice." She may not be sitting on her hands, but it seems she does have her head up her ass, so in a way she is sitting on her voice.

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  12. Margaret

    I'm part of the disabled community and it's true, the Women's March's refusal to include disability rights on the platform even though disabled women make 22 cents on the dollar was disgusting and disheartening.

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  13. WhoaIsMe

    Wow. Knowing Jon went explains why she didn't - I really thought she would be all up in that and be there leading the march. Guess she couldn't get a babysitter. So if you can't attend a local march, better to bash the entire thing and sulk. In my best Officer and a Gentleman voice.. Way to go Heather. Way to go.

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