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Dooce Will Reward Her Child With Cosleeping

Dooce, conqueror of October and texting injury survivor, is still single parenting since her ex allegedly adiosed to the east coast. The adjustment apparently includes continued sleep drama. But don’t worry, Il Doochay has figured out how to give her daughter the comfort of cosleeping AND get her to do things!

On Thursday nights I let Leta sleep with me as a way to reward her for the hours of homework and piano practice she’s accomplished over the course of the week. We chose Thursdays because that’s the night of her piano lesson, and it commemorates that weekly milestone.

I. Yeah. Just…can one of you moms out there tell me if this is normal? Like…the physical comfort of sleeping closeness is…a reward? I mean, I came from a family that was firmly ‘kids in their own beds’, so maybe it’s normal to reward a high strung, middle-of-a-divorce 10 year old for doing their homework by letting them share mom’s bed once a week. Maybe you moms can shed some light on that for me.

Also, the rest of the post contains security video of Dooce’s elderly neighbor knocking on her door at 4 am during a dementia episode. So, be sure not to miss that total respect of a neighbor’s privacy.