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Eat Live Run Is Happy To Shill Despite The Sad News In The World

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Jenna Beaugh, she eats lives and runs, is terribly sad. So sad that she can’t even look at the news. But she won’t let that stop her from pushing the awesomeness of her mlm.

When everything on TV and media seems so negative right now, it makes me even more thankful that my job is SO positive and uplifting…I’m thankful I get to mentor such an amazing team of women who are all about radiating JOY and helping others.

Yep, sorry about all the death and horror, but at least Jenna is happy to shill Beachbody! So glad she can choose joy while she tunes out the events of the world and lives her best life.

  1. Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

    All I hear is “Yay, nobody’s gonna murder me for being a skinny white woman, all’s well here!”

    Must be nice not being in the cross hairs. Sadly, and I mean heartbreakingly, some of us aren’t so lucky.

    Still, I’m sure that her “Stay positive yu gaiz, it’s not all bad!” will comfort those who are grieving

    • magic 8 ball

      But who isn’t in the cross hairs these days? You can’t go to the movies, to the mall, to church, a dance club, SCHOOL….nobody is safe anywhere. I’m a skinny white woman, it doesn’t make me less afraid every single time I walk into a classroom. Doesn’t protect me at all.
      If the second amendment has taught us anything, it’s that we can be shot anywhere, anytime, for anything.
      (Yes, I know it’s worse for minorities, I’m not denying that. But COME ON.)

      • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

        I’m talking about hate crimes. It’s one thing to be a victim of a random act of violence, but it’s completely different to be murdered purely because someone hates what you are.

        Can you honestly not see the difference? Some of us risk violence every time we leave our houses, others are targeted in their own homes, where they should be safe.

        It’s not just physical violence either, some of us are specifically targeted for sexual violence because of our sexuality, gender presentation, or disability status.

        The clubgoers at Pulse were slaughtered specifically because their murderer hated gay people. There are people trying to downplay the homophobic angle, and others who are actually celebrating what happened. Both of these attitudes hurt people in different ways. When was the last time you heard a community leader stand up and say “If only more of them had been killed!”? after a mass shooting? I guarantee that wouldn’t have happened if it had been random, like Aurora.

        Sometimes it’s not about you, and you should sleep better knowing that.

        • magic 8 ball

          Yikes. I mean yeah, I get what you’re saying. But that mother that was dancing with her son isn’t any less dead because she was (presumably) straight.
          Some people are targeted, and yes that is horrible. But nobody is safe in this country. You can be a kindergartner for f**ks sake. Nobody is safe in America. You can be a grandpa shopping at the mall. Nobody is immune. You can be a college professor. We are all at risk.
          Yes, some more than others. But EVERYONE has to worry about being the victim of gun violence, and I don’t sleep better knowing that at all. Especially with a small child to raise.
          It’s not a competition, it’s a f**king PROBLEM.

          • ActualRunner

            I’m a skinny, white, straight woman and it is obvious that you just don’t get it.
            Yes, anyone can be shot at any time, but your being “afraid every time I walk into a classroom” is nothing like the fear gay people, trans people, and minorities have almost every time they leave their home. They experience both of these fears simultaneously.
            Get your head out of “me me me me me” and “but I have children!!”

            • magic 8 ball

              Ok. This right here is why I never participate on forums. What SSS said can be (and is) true, but that doesn’t mean that my perspective isn’t also true. Both things can be truths. I am willing to see another’s perspective, but I guess mine doesn’t count? Gotcha. Why SHOULD I get my head out of “but I have children!” I do, (well, one) and it’s my job to keep him safe in this dangerous, f**ked up, scary, random, violent world.

              By the way? Children are targeted for being children by predators *every single day*, and there are things worse than death that happen to them. I WILL NOT get my head out of that, it’s my f**king duty to focus on his safety.

              I can do that and also acknowledge other atrocities in this country/ the world. It’s not that I don’t get it, I’m saying I get it AND there is more to the story of violence in America. There is enough horror to go around.

              I’m not sure this conversation is productive.

              • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

                You act like this is a f**king zero sum game, what’s wrong with you?

                Tell me – do you get all pressed about racial hatred being acknowledged, or anti-Semitism, or misogyny, or is it just the mourning of murdered queer people (and their allies) that riles you?

                I can never understand people who seem to feel cheated that they aren’t targets. smh

          • ActualRunner

            This is like a man telling a woman “well sometimes men are sexually assaulted to, like that one time in one place, so your concerns don’t matter.”

          • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

            That mother was shot because she was in a GAY BAR. Tell me – how much difference do you think bigots see between “f*gs” and “F*g enablers”? Hmm? That (to them) would be anyone seen actively condoning, celebrating, sharing space with LGBTQ people. Do you think they see a difference?

            Being a mother does not put you in a minority group, make you a target for murder, or have hateful bastards passing laws against you, or calling for your death.

            Grow. Up.

        • vodkaandtoast

          I don’t think magic 8 ball is saying that this is about her. I just think she’s saying as a country, we ALL should be scared because of our ridiculous gun laws and past instances of mass shootings. No one here is denying that Orlando was a hate crime. No one here is denying that, on the whole, a POC and/or a member of LGBTQ community is much more likely to be the victim of violence. It’s just that you can be a black woman in a church, a Latino gay man in a nightclub, or a white, privileged first-grader and be killed in a mass shooting. That should be freaking scary to everyone in this country and it should be a huge wake-up call that you’re not safe from this, no matter what your race, age, sexuality, income level, etc.

          I just hate to see fighting when it seems like most of us are on the same side, where we realize that there need to be stricter gun laws and people (like Jenna) who think this isn’t relevant to their lives are idiots.

  2. Fussy Lady Parts

    How totally insensitive. Especially considering that her brother died of a self inflicted gun shot wound. You’d think she’d have a little more empathy. What a tragedy vampire!

    • Sloth Snuggling Sasquatch

      Wow. What a f**king tossgoblin she is.

    • fashionroadkill

      I feel the need to clarify that it was an accidental gun shot. As in, maybe gun control could of prevented it.

    • Pissed off Orlandoan

      Seriously f**k her, and f**k everyone using this tragedy as a personal political soap box or shilling opportunity. She lived in Orlando for f**ks sake. What is wrong with people. She is an asshole.

    • Illiterate but can braid good

      “Tragedy Vampire” is the perfect phrase! Why do people constantly use tragedy as a tool? Can’t they see how wrong it is to use mass murder as a means to promote their “brand”, “site”, or whatever their agenda? smh.

  3. crispenclean

    Maybe she can wear her “I can’t even” T-shirt while she snuggles thankfully with her family.

    The last thing I want to hear from any ass blogger is how someone else’s tragedy makes them hug their own children a little tighter. Why do people say this stupid thing?

    There are a lot of parents who can’t hug their children right now, so shut the eff up.

    • Covered in Dog Hair

      Stupid b**** Quirk (aka the “What I Wore” blog idiot) said the exact same thing.

    • Gobbers

      I was going to WK for this sentiment because I think that too. But then I remembered that I don’t SAY that because it is hurtful. I don’t tell my friend who lost his father to cancer that I am thankful that my father beat it, because that would be insensitive. So, I take my white knighting back, and agree that its a stupid thing to say.

    • Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

      If you break it down, that phrase means nothing more than “sucks to be you right now.”

  4. SnarkyCat

    Beachbody “coaches” are the worst. When will they realize the ship has sailed?

    • ernst

      This asshat also once said that she and beachbody were going to fix the obesity problem in America. Like, WHAT????

  5. kitten heels

    I have never once in my life compared my happiness job to what is going on in the news. Even in bad taste, this segue makes no sense.

  6. Hamilbread

    The “I’m so thankful for my happy and heathy baby and baby-to-be!” crap is especially insensitive after the alligator attack.

  7. Ugh

    wh**es gotta wh**e.

  8. sarcasma

    Jenna is one of the most disingenuous and frankly, pathetic people I have encountered on the internet. She is a miserable person lacking in self-awareness and any sense of self. Her life is not something to aspire to– she seems to have no friends NOT of the electronic variety, her self-worth comes from strangers on the internet, she lies to the public (who are much smarter than she), and her “business” is a complete joke. Plus, sorry, the frontier life as the little woman with the man as king just isn’t for me.

    I can summon the outrage because, well, she’s an asshole, but not one iota of surprise at this. Jenna’s life revolves around Jenna– everything else is just a prop or an opportunity– even her kid.

  9. tweecronut

    What is with people who get online and say that they’re “hugging/cuddling/snuggling their families/babies/spouses tighter” in response to a tragedy? Do they actually imagine it’s comforting or inspirational to talk about enjoying their loved ones when other people have lost theirs? It’s so insensitive, and yet my FB feed is always lousy with posts like that whenever something terrible happens.

    • lolganic ham

      In the next breath, this woman is complaining about how put out, exhausted she is, and how she has to spend an extra 45 minutes playing with her kid after dinner. She’s so two-faced – selling her mama love on her beachbody Insta, b****ing nonstop about the kid on snapchat.

  10. 4 downward dogs and a whiff of calming lavender

    I guess it takes mass shootings and a child getting eaten by an alligator for Jenna to want to snuggle with her son, since she normally wants to lock him away in his room.

  11. Satanic Water Molecules

    Beachbody is terrifying. They seem to have the ability to turn people into products. I am FB friends with someone like this. Everything’s about Beachbody with her. Her old ties with friends have weakened noticeably as it’s now all about her “tribe of amazing, strong women:” fellow coaches.

    • RamboJambo

      Agreed. I used to view it as entertaining but some people go so far with the cult-isa-ness of it all, it’s just sad.

    • Seaside Honey Fantasia

      Same for ItWorks. The “tribe” and the sell comes before actual friends anymore.

    • Ja'Crispy


  12. Get the Most Outta Ya Womb While Ya Can!

    I’ve noticed that they all do that same thing when their kids are sick, and a couple have had that same sort of line this week (“I’m so glad I get to work from home and be right here where my babies need me, to keep them safe in this scary world”). I figure BeachBody sent out an e-mail telling them to post this crap.

  13. Ranch Stained Loafers

    I’d call this a humblebrag, but there’s nothing humble about it. What an incredible example of someone with a complete lack of empathy and self-awareness.