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Eat Live Run Says Adios To Blogging

Jenna, of Eat Live Run, joins the ranks of bloggers who are shutting down their sites to move on to non-blog jobs. Yesterday she announced she will be retiring from blogging at Eat Live Run.

…I’m just going to be real honest with you all right now and say that I haven’t been passionate about writing this blog for a long time now. I don’t know what turned the switch, to be honest. I just know that you guys deserve more than me writing mediocre blog posts every three weeks. I would rather write nothing at all, than write something without passion in it. I’m sorry, but that’s the honest to goodness truth.

She says she has felt guilty for not wanting to keep up the blog, but “felt like I owed it to the world to continue” and it seemed silly to quit, adding “why would you walk away from a perfectly great job you created for yourself”.

The ELR archives will apparently remain online, though comments will be disabled. She leaves to launch her “new business as an online health and fitness coach”.