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Eat Sleep Wear Is Instagrammed While Instagramming

now that's living NOT

Kimberly, “graphic designer, fashion blogger, and cupcake enthusiast“, and her newish “boo” seem to have the perfect relationship – if you’re a blogger, that is. They spend a lot of time together with her instagramming crap, while he instagrams her instagramming crap.

For instance, as you can see above Kim and Blake went out for coffee. As Kim documented her coffee for the internet, Blake took a picture of her documenting her coffee for the internet. As Kim spent a romantic sunset with her iphone, Blake stood behind her taking pics of her spending time with her iphone. While Kim sat trying to get the best shot of her dinner, Blake killed some time preserving that special memory.

This must be a blogger’s wet dream – her own personal documentary instagrammer. I never understood how these bloggers’ friends and significant others put up with someone who makes everyone wait while they take pictures of everything. Well, Blake seems to have found the answer of how to spend that downtime. I hope this becomes a thing, because I’d love actual proof of just how much time these bloggers spend ignoring their lives in the pursuit of that one awesome instagram pic.