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“Effortless Anthropologie” Thinks You Should Have Invited Her

Today in blogger entitlement, Roxy – self-appointed queen of Anthro-blogging since the departure of “The Antrhoholic” – is bummed out. What horrible catastrophe occurred that has her so upset? Well it seems twee clothing company Anthropologie forgot to send her an invitation to some party or something:

Last night Anthropologie hosted a blogger party in their NYC showroom. Normally this is the part where I talk about how excited I am to share photos and details…except this time around EA didn’t make the cut. Like some high school rumormill I found out about the party while checking my Instagram feed last night.

You know what’s even more “high school” than finding out over social media that you weren’t invited to the party? Whining on your blog that you weren’t invited to the party. But hey, she has a valid reason to be upset – I mean, don’t you people know who she is?

…I’m majorly bummed that at a time when more brands are reaching out to me to get involved with this community, the one brand I care about the most excluded EA from a blogger-targeting event.

In short, Roxy is a big deal on her blog, you guys. Yep,  nothing says maturity like getting on the internet and shaming companies for not recognizing your importance.

Am I the only one who finds this behavior sort of self-important and reeking of teenaged hurt feelings? Seriously this reminded me of high school, when someone would find out at school on Monday that they weren’t invited to so-and-so’s sleepover and then they would spend the next two days moaning about how they USED to be invited before reminding everyone they are a cheerleader and wrapping up with a loud “whatever, I don’t even care!”

Come on, bloggers. Some people have real problems. Get over yourselves.