Elaine Wants The Internet To Get Her A Horse

Meanwhile, on tumblr, people are still waiting to see if Elaine will get her horsey. Back in March Elaine posted a plea to the internet:

I tumblr! My name is Elaine. You can see me in this picture! That is me holding the sign, HI! Well my hubby said that if this gets 1 MILLION notes, he will buy me a horse. I would love a horse I grew up on a farm where I rode and ate horses til i was 15 when I moved. I have not seen a horse since, not even a picture! Only one painting I painted in 7th grade. My husband obviously thinks this is going to be an impossible task thats why I am taking this on the interwebs where i can get likes. I have 5,000 on facebook so I am almost there. I want brown horse with some white. I will braid the hair. Thanks so much everyone! Please help me achieve this! 🙂 God Bless

Though Elaine has promised “when i get a horse it will be clean. so clean and shiny and clean” and swears “i never skinned a horse”, she still only managed to get around 27,000 notes toward her goal. A month ago t-shirts went on sale to further promote the cause.

I don’t know if this is real or the most bizarre troll ever, but it’s just nice to see internet begging for something besides babies.