Instagram WTF

Erika Will Let Her Grandmother Meet Jesus, But First, Instagram

Erika, the new old joy, is celebrating her family this Thanksgiving.


Just kidding, she is posing stoically next to her grandma as she takes her last breaths because even as we die our dignity is unimportant in the face of Instagram likes. Erika provides this overwrought caption to accompany her overwrought picture.

grandma is preparing to meet the Jesus she loves, and I must free her to go. no matter how one goes about preparing for the process of dying, finality catches me wholly unprepared, shaken. stir my heart towards joy, oh God, for her faith is soon to be sight, the darkened glass of mortality unveiled into the brilliancy of knowing even as also we are known.

How about letting grandma meet Jesus in peace and privacy? How about letting grandma’s death be grandma’s thing, instead of making it about you and your instagram content?

  1. Priscilla Waller, Supreme Fundie Cheerleader

    “the brilliancy of knowing even as also we are known”

    Can someone English this for me?

    • Pooja

      “For her faith is soon to be sight”, “the darkened glass of mortality unveiled” ??? Very ok.

    • Vicious Trollop

      She’s trying, and failing, to be Biblical. The whole thing is full of references to I Corinthians 13.

  2. Al Dente

    SMH. No words for morons who can’t see why this is absolutely disgusting.

  3. Billsburg

    Hopefully Grandma will come back and haunt the bejeezes out of her for the rest of her life. I hate people.

  4. A Touch of the Boleyns

    This is beyond snark. Have these people no shame? Will they think it’s OK for their children to post photos of them being incontinent or their first senile moment? f**k right off, Erika.

  5. Seaside Honey Fantasia

    Who the hell looks at the other person in the hospital room and says, “Here, take my picture for Insta.” And that person is like, “Great idea. Look pensive.”

    • 3-barrel waving iron

      Which insta filter works best for dying grandmother pics?

      • TheOtherOne

        I think Gingham works best for all dying relatives

  6. Magically delicious


    • As a hospice worker, I find this deplorable to the nth degree. I’m fairly certain that her grandmother’s last words were not, “Put this moment up on Instagram please!” Talk about a death with no dignity.

  7. Purple21

    Ugh, it is so posed, you just know she took a couple of shots from different angles and then edited to give that dark grief filter. But she couldn’t pull the sheet over poor Grandma’s socks? Maybe she needed a pop of color for the photo to look its best.

    • Hot Cocoa

      The red socks broke my heart. How is this ever okay? What has happened to people. Please reassure me that maybe only a minority documents every single thing on social media. Oh. I can’t go on.

      • Julie

        Grandmas face is what broke my heart (you have to zoom in on the actual Ig photo). No decency or dignity whatsoever. Just awful.

  8. Elegant Baby Turtle

    This is so f**ked up. Why would you pose next to your dying family member and make sure you have your goddamn grieving face on and then post it to Instagram. I hope one of her family members sits her down, JFC.

    • Billsburg

      Such an idiot; I hit “nope” instead of “reply”. Anyway, I have no clue who this person is but she might be tempting Karma. Wonder if she’ll end up sitting in the hallway of some awful nursing home, drooling, wetting and messing herself while her grandchildren take pictures of her for “entertainment”?

    • birthing like a pilgrim

      Seriously. I would have been beyond furious if one of my relatives had captured a photo like this when my grandmother was on the verge of death. And not just captured it, but shared it with a bunch of indifferent strangers on Instagram,. This woman is ignorant and shameless (and her melodramatic writing sucks too).

  9. hole in the wall

    Surprised she didn’t pin up a leaf garland or sprigs of pine to kinfolk up the place. So so so f**ked up.

  10. Cgrep48

    Why not be thoughtful of your grandmother , who deserves privacy and peace for her very last days on this earth. Not pictures that are captured and shared for hundreds of strangers to view.

  11. Special Moving Toiletries

    Shame on you, Erika Brubaker, for using your defenseless grandmother’s final moments on earth as Instagram content, for turning your attention away from her and towards a camera, and for striking a pose in such a moment.

    • MissMorland

      And then to lay the show of piety on so thick – yes, what Jesus really wants you to do is turn your grandmother’s deathbed into a photo-op.

  12. Toast Halo

    Wow, how heartbreaking. It’s sickening, actually. I used to work in 2 nursing homes, and seeing people like this is so sad. I have never heard of this person, so I scrolled through a little. There’s a post about celebrating someone giving birth, but no pics of the people involved. But she posts a pic of her dying grandma? Does no one in the family find this creepy?

  13. Dr. Mindy Lahiri